Who is Miss Excel, the TikToker teaching MS Excel tips?

Miss Excel - TikTok

A new TikToker is rising to prominence on the platform with a very different take on viral content.

Kat Norton, who goes by @miss.excel on TikTok, has been sharing informative videos to her page for more than a year now. She uses the platform to educate viewers on the many nuances of Microsoft Excel, a spreadsheet that many of us learned — and then promptly forgot — back in high school. The spreadsheet offers a number of features, like calculation, graphing tools, pivot tables — whatever that is — and even a macro programming language.

All those features tend to be ignored by your average Excel user, many of whom essentially use the software to keep things organized. That’s where Kat comes in. She’s been uploading videos since June 2020 to help users make the most of Excel, and those uploads have slowly aided Kat in her rise to social media fame.


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Kat’s videos make learning to use Excel far more fun than an informational packet ever could. She adds charm and music into her uploads, tossing tidbits, little-known facts, and common mistakes out for viewers to learn from.

Since her early days on TikTok, Kat has grown her follower base to more than 655,000, and her page has 1.4 million likes. Her videos typically earn view counts in the tens of thousands, at least, with some of her most popular uploads earning more than 5 million.

All the work Kat has put into her TikTok page has paid off. Her page’s rapid growth has seen Kat reach “six-figure months,” in which she earns a full six figures in a single month time span, according to Dexerto. Her popularity has grown so much, in fact, that Kat recently experienced her first “six-figure day,” a new experience that could become old news if her popularity continues to skyrocket.

Next time your boss insists that you add “Excel expert” to your resume, consider Kat’s charming, informative videos. They might just have all the information you need.