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It has come to our attention that Bridgerton fans simply cannot get enough. This insatiable appetite, if not properly subdued could become the talk of the town. One cannot be a magnet for unseemly gossip so we have compiled a list of YouTube channels to hold one over until a new season arrives. We highly recommend you watch these so your future marriage prospects and standing in society remain intact. Season three is premiering this summer and will focus on the love story between Colin and Penelope.


The best place to get information is straight from the source. Since Bridgerton is produced by Netflix, that makes its YouTube channel the best place to find official trailers, interviews, and behind-the-scenes footage. There is a whole playlist dedicated to all things Bridgerton. Netflix also does fun live streamed events from this channel like when Jackie Aina, a famous YouTuber from Nigeria, talked to make up artist Pat McGrath about her Bridgerton-inspired make-up line. Perhaps there is a blush that makes one look like Daphne after the Duke first kissed her.

Mina Le

“Hello my beautiful doves.” If the fashion of Bridgerton was one of the show’s main appeals to you as a viewer, you should follow Mina Le’s YouTube channel. Le talks about fashion history but goes deeper into how fashion both impacts and mirrors the culture of the time. Le was not originally a fan of the show but has since seen the error of her ways. She even recently attended the live in-person event The Bridgerton Experience in Los Angeles.

Karolina Żebrowska

Another YouTuber who focuses on fashion is Karolina Żebrowska. This Polish lady attended Jagiellonian University in Kraków — where she studied film and new media — and Screen Academy Scotland in Edinburgh where she also studied film. Her YouTube channel rose to prominence with the video “Real Women – Beauty Through The Decades The Realistic Way.” Her Brigderton-themed content goes into detail about what is historically accurate for the regency time period and what was done to look best on film. So if you ever wonder about what fashion would actually have been like, give Żebrowska’s videos a watch. 


Bridgerton the Netflix series was based on a series of romance novels by Julia Quinn. Fun fact: the series was made because Shonda Rhimes picked up one of the novels while on vacation. Since watching Bridgerton might inspire one to pick up some more romance novels, we suggest watching the channel LaceyBookLovers‘ to get some good recommendations. Lacey is a Los Angeles-based avid reader who gives her honest opinions so you don’t get stuck reading a dud of a book.


“Greetings and salutations my dearest friends.” If Bridgerton inspired you to read more and you need book recommendations check out Bookswithsamamtha. Samantha and Lacey are friends so this is a natural addition to this list. Reading is a great way to escape into new worlds like that of regency London. It allows the reader to experience the depth of the human experience. So when you want to cozy up with a good book similar to the Bridgerton series look here.

Miss Bridgerton

Much like how the identity of author Lady Whistledown is unknown to many, this YouTube Channel’s creator is hard to pin down. Because of the branding that appears in the corner of all of the videos, one assumes that it is created by team Shondaland. But this could be a red herring like when the Queen thought Eloise was Lady Whistledown. Regardless of its origin the channel titled Miss Bridgerton offers a behind-the-scenes look at the filming of the show. It also features interviews with some of the show’s creators, actors, and advisers.

Mood Melodies

If you love the instrumental covers of contemporary pop songs used in Bridgerton, check out the YouTube channel Mood Melodies. This channel prides itself on being the “top source for instrumental covers and classical mixes.” They have Bridgerton-themed playlists which can be used as background music for when you work, cook, or read. They are relaxing and soothing and the soundscape of the show transports you to regency London. Perhaps you should learn ballroom dance?


Did you binge all of Bridgerton before any of your friends? Now you are dying to talk about it but have to wait. Or did your friends ban you from obsessing over it anymore? Either way – MsMojo has your back. This channel is dedicated to all things pop culture. It has several interesting Bridgerton videos including a countdown of the most romantic lines, fashion moments, and behind-the-scenes facts. One can relive Bridgerton all over again and swoon on the couch.

Jane Austen Letters by Post

If you want to escape into more regency London-type stories, try the channel Jane Austen Letters by Post. This channel makes its own “handcrafted letters in the style of Jane Austen.” And let’s just say Austen would have loved Bridgerton. There is a video about a gossip column similar to Lady Whistledown. This channel also contains a podcast where they discuss each episode of Bridgerton. Another great option if you cannot get enough.

Weird History

Were you fascinated by the historical aspects of Bridgerton? Did you ever wonder what courting in regency London was actually like? If you need the answer to this question and more, check out Weird History. This channel is dedicated to all the things you never learned in school. It focuses on the truly weird and bizarre aspects of history. One can quickly fall down a rabbit hole watching this channel because there are just so many interesting facts. Come for the Bridgerton content, stay to learn about life in medieval castles. 

We hope the YouTube channels on this list will satisfy your desires and keep you out of the gossip columns. To fall from grace in high society would be a fate worse than death.

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