How Much Does Bailey Sarian Make?

Bailey Sarian net worth
Photo via Bailey Sarian/YouTube

If you look hard enough, you can find highly-specified content on pretty much anything imaginable on YouTube. The video-sharing platform, which has been around since late 2005, has expanded into the world’s second most-visited website, with upwards of one billion monthly users.

These users flock to a number of increasingly diverse, but carefully targeted, accounts to find content that perfectly fit what they are looking for. And, with the recent surge in interest regarding both murder mysteries and makeup tutorials, YouTuber Bailey Sarian has found the ultimate viral formula. Her YouTube page combines these pop culture obsessions to perfection, via several popular series.

The first of these, titled “Murder, Mystery, and Makeup,” sees Sarian plop herself down in front of viewers for between 35 and 50-some minutes. During her time on-screen, the young streamer fills viewers in on a fresh, weekly true crime story while she applies flawless makeup. Uploads to the series, which are posted on Mondays, typically get between 3 and 5 million views.

Another series posted to her YouTube channel, titled “Dark Mysteries,” is similarly popular. While its uploads often have lower view counts, an upload to the “Dark Mysteries” series typically gets a minimum view count in the high hundreds of thousands.

Between all of her videos, Sarian’s 8-year-old YouTube page has earned more than 577 million views. The channel has upwards of 5.63 million subscribers, many of whom flock to Sarian’s page to enjoy her charming personality, excellent makeup techniques, and intriguing topics. 

Sarian’s loyal fanbase also contributes to her income through views on her YouTube page. The page attracts somewhere around 656,000 daily views, which pay off in the form of ad revenue. Through this form of revenue alone, Sarian earns an estimated $78.76 each month, according to Net Worth Spot. This puts her average annual earnings near $1.20 million.

This estimation fails to account for numerous other potential forms of revenue, however, including sponsorships, donations, and side jobs. Considering that Sarian has an online store, through which she sells attire aimed at fans of her “Dark History” series, the number is almost certainly closer to the high-end estimate, which puts Sarian’s yearly earnings at more than $2.13 million a year. 

As for her overall net worth, Sarian looks to be worth at least $4.73 million, again based on estimations from Net Worth Spot. Thanks to her outside revenue sources, however, it’s likely that her actual net worth is inching closer to the high-end mark of $6.62 million.