The best Markiplier videos on YouTube

Image via YouTube/WIRED

Remember when your parents said you can’t make a living playing video games? Yeah, they didn’t know what they were talking about. Just ask Mark Fischbach, better known by his YouTube name, Markiplier.

With over 33.5 million subscribers and 18 billion total views for all his uploads, Markiplier is one of the most recognizable names in the gaming community. The channel ranks inside the top 100 most popular on YouTube, and he reportedly is worth an ungodly $35 million

The 33-year-old uploaded his first video a decade ago. An aspiring actor, he originally chose to focus on sketch comedy. Since his goal was to play all the characters in his skits, Mark combined his name with “multiplier” to create his famous moniker, “Markiplier”. It wasn’t until he changed his focus to independent and horror game playthroughs that he achieved his stardom. Since then, he has become one of the faces of YouTube’s vast gaming content, having appeared on nationally broadcast shows like Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Larry King NOW, and The Today Show

What makes the YouTube community so obsessed with Markiplier? It’s all built on his eccentric personality, playing video games, and getting laughs. On that note, let’s take a look at some of Mark’s most famous and best videos on his main channel, Markiplier.

“Heave Ho MEGA EPISODE w/ Jack, Bob, Wade”

Being a (mostly) gaming channel, let’s kick things off with one of the most entertaining gaming videos on the channel, the “Heave Ho MEGA EPISODE.” Mark frequently collaborates with his cohorts, Bob and Wade. When the three are together, it makes for seriously dumb fun. In this particular video, the gang is joined by fellow YouTuber Sean William McLoughlin, better known to fans as Jacksepticeye. 

Whenever Mark and the gang jump on a party game, the star of the show inevitably becomes Wade. For someone who makes a living playing games, he seems to be terrible at basically all of them, which is actually refreshing. Instead of some pro gamer gliding through at lightspeed, Wade represents the rest of us, and it’s hilarious. What makes it better is how Sean’s frustration grows until it’s clear that he is completely fed up with Wade’s mishaps. It also makes me wonder if Wade sabotages the group on purpose for his own amusement.

“WARNING: SCARIEST GAME IN YEARS: Five Nights at Freddy’s Part 1”

“This is, like, the most terrifying game I’ve ever played,” Mark yelled in just minutes of playing Five Nights at Freddy’s. With that, the Markiplier empire was truly born.

Uploaded in 2014, Mark hopped into FNAF, a game that catapulted his popularity. As he points out in the video, his subscribers had urged him to give this one a try. Around that time, the original FNAF fame was an independent sensation. YouTubers all around were jumping on the bandwagon, and their audiences couldn’t get enough.

Of course, what Mark’s fans appreciated is the host’s take on the experience. As he played through the game, he overlaid it with his goofy faces and sometimes hilarious narration. It dialed back the horror and ramped up the comedy. Honestly, he’s only saying what we all are thinking with a game this stressful. It managed to be his third-most popular upload ever with 104,789,909 views to date.


Clearly, this is the video that helped usher Markiplier to the top of the YouTube charts. Considering he has made his mark mainly through gaming videos, it’s interesting that his most popular video is one of his simplest. It’s literally just him using cheap graphics to give cats his mouth and voice. That’s it.

It’s hard to believe that out of all Markiplier’s content, THIS is what has garnered over 363 million views since it was uploaded in 2015. It is by far his most-viewed video, with second place trailing well behind with 148 million, which is impressive in itself. Of course, it’s the dog version, “WOOF”. 

While “MEOW” may rank number one in popularity, this simple trick of Mark superimposing his mouth on cute animals to make them say mostly inappropriate things is hugely popular. As low-brow as it may be, three of his top-five videos fall in this category, and they combine for more than 609 million views. 

Is this his single best effort on his extensive channel? Not hardly, but who cares? If something this simple gets you over 350 million views, you’ve done something right, and it deserves its place on today’s list.

“GTA 5 Funny Moments #1: LAUGHING TOO HARD!!”

One of the best parts about Markiplier’s multiplayer videos is that it’s all of us. Whether you’re in the same room or connected through a server, Mark and his YouTuber cohorts do all the ridiculous things that any of us do when we’re goofing off with our friends. Throw Grand Theft Auto V’s open-world shenanigans into the mix, and this is a highly entertaining video. 

The game itself is made to be as insane as you want it to be. Even though it’s approaching its 10th birthday, GTA V’s lush scenery and over-the-top cars and weapons beg you to break the law in a hilarious fashion. That’s exactly what Mark and his squad do. Watching them obsessively try to steal a fighter jet from the Los Santos military base will have you reaching for your copy of the game. 

“Bob’s Fridge”

Mark’s quote sums up what you’re getting into with this video: “They delivered a fridge so violently your house thought it was an earthquake?” To which Bob replied, “Yes, and this was the good team.”

When you have millions of followers, naturally, you expand into new territory. Thus, Mark added a podcast to his list of projects. I can’t say I’ve listened to a lot of Distractible, but this one got my attention. Mark, Bob, and Wade had a competition to see who could tell the funniest (I’m assuming true) story. Bob won this round hands down with a tale of mounting anger and probably the most inept delivery teams in the country. 

You almost have to be well into adulthood to fully appreciate his tale of Lowe’s woe. Using his YouTube bucks to buy a new refrigerator, Bob gets taken on a wild and frustrating ride through the world of appliance delivery. He goes through two delivery teams, a water leak, and enough suppressed rage to cause a tsunami. It’s Bob’s enthusiastic storytelling that makes it all so amusing. That and the fact that it actually happened the day Mark recorded that particular podcast. 

There’s a full story on the Distractible channel, and I highly recommend getting Bob’s full rundown.


To be completely honest, I didn’t understand what the Markiplier fuss was all about prior to watching this video. Admittedly, I am not a YouTube devotee; I mostly leave that to the younger generation. My teenage children absolutely loved this guy’s content, and they watched it religiously. One afternoon, I heard incessant screams, cursing, and shouting, which got my attention for the wrong reasons. Then I saw this game, and I completely understood where he was coming from.

Getting Over It with Bennett Fody is intentionally made to be insanely frustrating. Here you have I assume Bennett in a cast iron pot with some sort of pickaxe/sledgehammer. As the player, you make little bald Bennett (with his superhuman upper-body strength) fling himself up a mountain one frustrating step at a time. 

Sounds simple enough, right? Wrong. All it takes is one infinitesimal false move and Bennett tumbles down the mountain, sometimes all the way to the starting position. To antagonize the players, the developers added a voiceover that consoles you with words of wisdom about losing. Believe me, you will lose at this game, and that voice keeps giving you unwanted quotes again and again and again. By the 200th time, it’s clear those little nuggets aren’t meant to be consoling at all; it’s browbeating, and it’s hilarious… so long as it happens to someone else. Enter: Markiplier.

Over eight videos, Mark is all of us. Just as he is making progress, he miscalculates a climb, and down the mountain he goes. With each fall, Mark gets increasingly annoyed. Soon, that annoyance ferments into anger before transforming into full rage. And there are eight videos of Mark absolutely losing his mind. He screams, throws his chair, and he seems on the verge of a nervous breakdown. 

Up to that point, I hadn’t been interested in Markiplier. Watching him fling his chair at the wall over a video game reminded me of so many frustrating hours of tiny, stupid jumps over winged turtles in Super Mario Bros. 3. Like I said, it’s great content when it’s happening to someone else.