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Why is Amberlynn Reid famous, and what is a ‘train wreck influencer?’

Amberlynn Reid started her weight loss journey online years ago, and what it has become is an absolute train wreck.

amberlynn reid
Image via Youtube/Amberlynn Reid

Amberlynn Reid is a famous YouTuber with a huge following. Despite that, there’s a good bit of misinformation about her. First of all, Google thinks she’s dead for some reason. Second of all, net worth estimates across the web can’t figure out if she has $100,000 or $4 million. Even an amateur sleuth can take one look at her more recent videos and tell she’s not hurting for anything, so there’s that.

Whatever she’s doing seems to be working regardless of her online haters. With over 200,000 loyal subscribers, her mukbang videos and personal life vlogs get tens of thousands of views every time. Viewers dial in to watch whatever entertainment she has in store for the day even though she has been the subject of numerous scandals.

What is this thing about her? Let’s go back to when she was 368 lbs. and just starting her YouTube channel eight years ago.

Where did it all begin?

amberlynn reid
Screengrab via YouTube/Amberlynn Reid

A shy, timid Amberlynn sat in front of her camera for the first time in 2013 and told anyone who would listen that she was trying to lose weight. She had been inspired by the YouTubers who had already started their own weight loss journey channels, and that’s what she was setting out to do. But there was something unique about her.

Over the years, she slowly turned into someone different, and it had nothing to do with weight loss. As she gained more subscribers, her attitude changed as well as her focus. Even though she seemed to keep the tone and message about eating healthy, it didn’t appear to be working for her at all. Her life has been one huge drama, and that’s what has all her viewers waiting patiently on the edges of their seats to see what’s going to happen next.

The worst of it

An emotional Amberlynn told her viewers that she had cancer. She cried about it during her testimony video, but then nothing changed in her behavior. That’s what her fans noticed. Going through the comments, it’s easy to see that her fans weren’t saying she lied about having cancer; they were concerned that it did nothing to change her habits.

Her haters took to the internet to talk about what they considered a lie. They even brought up instances where she had tried to scam her viewers in the past. She urged subscribers to click on the ads during her videos because she made her income that way, and the worst of it was a fundraising campaign she started.

The GoFundMe scandal concerned her ex-girlfriend’s mother. Becky’s mom appeared to have cancer, and the fundraiser asked for donations because she had no insurance. This blew up across the internet because a few people close to the matter came forward and reported that Amberlynn’s intentions weren’t exactly pure.

One huge train wreck

amberylynn reid
Screengrab via YouTube/Amberlynn Reid

Seen here binge-eating just a few months ago, one of her videos posted about a month ago reports that she’s over 500 lbs. Since her start at 368 lbs., it’s easy to see that whatever she’s doing isn’t adding up to weight loss. After eight years, she has seen absolutely no progress. The argument can easily be made that this is all about getting attention, and she doesn’t care to lose weight at all.

She carries on making videos, eating what she wants, laughing at her own jokes, and thinking the world is laughing with her. She could be laughing at all the concerned fans who watch to support her while enjoying the income she gets from the channel. That’s why she might be considered a train wreck influencer. While fans are watching and hoping the best for her but seeing absolutely no change over the years except her constant weight gain, other viewers are glued to her videos for the absolute catastrophe that it is.

There have been viewers who have addressed that she may have mental health issues, which lead to her bizarre behavior. Without a mental health professional to speak on that, it’s hard to say with any kind of certainty. Maybe after hearing it enough, she might think about seeing one and finding out if she does in fact need help.

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