Work Around Found For Madden NFL 25 Connected Franchise Owner Glitch

madden 25 600x300 Work Around Found For Madden NFL 25 Connected Franchise Owner Glitch

Many players involved in Madden NFL 25 Connected Franchises are running into a glitch that can summarily end their experience. As it stands, if you retire as an owner, you will not be able to go back to the team you were just playing as, leaving players in online leagues in a bit of a bind. EA is aware of this, and even mentions this in their FAQ for the game

Luckily, there is a working fix for problem that the guys in RCC and FryeMadden were able to come up with. After about an hour of testing, it was determined that if someone else takes the reigns as the owner for your team and retires, you’ll find your old job waiting for you. Smaller leagues may be SOL, but larger ones with trusted wait lists can simply have someone pop on, join and then quit in order to put things back in working order. Outside of this, it appears that you can join the team as a coach as opposed to an owner, retire from that position, and regain control as an owner from there.

It’s not an ideal solution, nor is it all that eloquent, but at least it works.

We’ll keep you posted and let you know when EA releases an official patch.

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  • TheOneCalledGTI

    Wow! Good work being the 1st group to come up with a solution to this awful issue!

    What was EA thinking when they implemented this…

  • ScrewRCC

    This makes no sense. How does someone come in and take over for your team if that team is now locked out due to retirement? Terrible solution.

    • Chazboski

      The team will only be locked out for you, meaning anyone else can step in and take over temporarily. Right now, this is the only solution to the problem that works consistently.