5 Reasons Why You Can’t Stop Watching Pretty Little Liars

PLL2 5 Reasons Why You Cant Stop Watching Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars has now aired three seasons and fans just can’t get enough of the hit teen drama. ABC Family, the network responsible for bringing your favorite Liars to the silver screen, has announced a fifth season plus, a spin-off series set to premiere in October along with the third annual Halloween episode of PLL.

Even though the show is unorthodoxly aired in 3-parts - seasons start in June, run 12 episodes before going on hiatus, then air a single Halloween episode in October before picking back up in January and airing the remaining 11 episodes – fans remain hooked on the series, which is loosely based on the YA books by Sara Shepard.

The show’s latest run conquered the Neilsen charts 10 weeks in a row, making it the #1 Tuesday night show among women ages 12-34. This season pulled in the highest numbers yet and the series shows no signs of slowing down. PLL is not only a ratings giant for the network, but the show is also making its mark on social media. The recent season 3 finale became the first TV series in history to total over 1 million airtime tweets!

71 episodes later, Pretty Little Liars is still going strong. What is it that keeps fans coming back for more? The list is endless, but here are five compelling reasons why we just can’t stop watching.

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5. Alison DiLaurentis

PLLA 640x360 5 Reasons Why You Cant Stop Watching Pretty Little Liars

Is she alive? Is she dead? Even though the authorities found a body that genetically matched the missing teen, there’s always been some doubt hovering above the scandal. Alison (Sasha Pieterse) has remained a constant over the past 3 seasons and her disappearance turned murder is ultimately the basis for the show. If you didn’t question the mysterious events that led to her demise before, after last season’s finale – you should.

Alison is the thread that holds everything together in the Pretty Little Liars universe. She’s the reason that everyone is friends and/or enemies e.g. the Liars and Mona (Janel Parrish), and it’s hard to deny that she’s also the reason for all the current drama. Whoever is behind the ‘A-Team’ definitely has an attachment to the questionably deceased teen. It’s hard to tell whether it’s because they’re working for her, or have a vendetta against her or her friends, given the bizarre twist of events lately. Either way, she keeps fans coming back, waiting for the answers to all these questions to be revealed.

Is Alison really dead? If so, who killed her? If not, whose body did they find? There might be some spoilers in the books – something about a twin. I haven’t read the series, so I’m a little fuzzy on the details, but wouldn’t that be something if it turned out this whole time that Alison (or her twin) was really behind all this chaos? It’s definitely something worth tuning in for.

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4. Show Me The Love!

pretty little liars 2x04 blind dates caleb hanna marin cap 640x360 5 Reasons Why You Cant Stop Watching Pretty Little Liars

What teen drama would be complete without the constant draw of teen love? Well, Pretty Little Liars fulfills this requirement 4-fold. Up until the very end of season 3, all our favorite Liars were romantically attached. Their romantic trysts may put them in a dangerous spot with “A,” but it keeps them on the top of our ‘Must Watch’ list.

    • Aria (Lucy Hale) and Ezra (Ian Harding): They may have called it quits for now, but they fought hard for a chance to be together. We got to watch the whole thing unfold, right up to the mediocre split. Even though they’re not together anymore, they’ve had some pretty steamy moments since they first hooked up in the bathroom at the neighborhood dive bar, and even their break-up left us with goosebumps. With a seven year-old son Ezra never knew about and an ex-girl friend now in the picture, Aria wasn’t the only one that noticed things were getting dull. Now that Aria is back on the market, that’s a reason in itself to stay tuned and see where the wind blows her heart next.
    • Hannah (Ashley Benson) and Caleb (Tyler Blackburn): Caleb was a little fishy at the start with his whole ‘working for Jenna’ angle. It wasn’t long before we fell in love with him though, just like Hannah. With their mutual daddy issues to keep them close, the not-so-innocent duo has a long road ahead. Sure they fight, but it’s the making up that keeps us coming back for more. They may not tell each other all their dirty little secrets, but who can blame them? Plus, Hannah and Caleb top my list of favorite Pretty Little Liars couples.
    • Emily (Shay Mitchell) and Paige (Lindsey Shaw): After Maya’s (Bianca Lawson) murder and the cousin turned ex-boyfriend psychopath scenario, it was hard to tell whether Emily was ever going to get around to dating Paige. With the high stakes life she lives – most of which is out of her control – Emily deserves some good loving and support. Will she stick around for the long haul? It’s hard to tell – another reason to keep watching.
    • Spencer (Troian Bellisario) and Toby (Keegan Allen): One of the most difficult and compelling storylines of season 3 was the potential Toby betrayal. All signs pointed to Toby crossing over to the dark side and joining the ‘A-Team,’ and he did – but part of me kept crossing my fingers that he was ultimately doing it to protect Spencer. I may have gotten my wish, however, there’s still a lot that he knows and doesn’t seem to be sharing with the rest of us. How much insider information did Mona share with him? And, how long was he going to let Spencer think he was dead before he broke through all the false pretenses? He has a lot of explaining to do when we meet again in season 4.

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3. Secrets

PrettyLittleLiarsLucyHale 640x360 5 Reasons Why You Cant Stop Watching Pretty Little Liars

Got a secret, / Can you keep it? / Swear this one you’ll save. / Better lock it, / In your pocket, / Taking this one to the grave. / When I show you, / I know you,/ Won’t tell what I said,/ Cause two can keep a secret,/ When one of them is dead.

Alison supposedly took all the Liars’ secrets to the grave, but someone is still out collecting on them. There is constantly a new secret revealed and sometimes it actually seems to be coming from Alison herself - despite the fact that she’s been put to rest twice now. It’s hard to believe that out of a tight-knit group of friends one person had the upper hand, but it seems the Liars all liked to share their dirty truths with the same girl. A girl who certainly knew how to use them to her advantage.

Nowadays there are plenty of secrets to go around with all the law breaking that seems to go hand-in-hand with dealing with “A.” The secrets are definitely one of the most compelling parts of the show. Just when you think you are seeing things in black and white, with all the cards laid out on the proverbial table, something is revealed that changes your perspective entirely.

The secrets never seem to end. Sometimes it’s just a minor thing that dead ends when “A” is finished making a point, but other times they spiral into a whole new plot tangent. You never know how each secret is going to effect the status quo, but you can be sure that the impact will leave everyone with even more questions.

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2. The B-Squad

Jenna 5 Reasons Why You Cant Stop Watching Pretty Little Liars

There’s always been characters that danced back and forth between possible ‘A-Team’ accomplices and potential victims of the ‘A-Team’s’ twisted agenda. Jenna Marshall (Tammin Sursok), Melissa Hastings (Torrey DeVitto), Jason DiLaurentis (Drew Van Acker), Ian Thomas (Ryan Merriman), and Garrett Reynolds (Yani Gellman) definitely top that list, but there are a slew of supporting characters that remain questionable.

The Liars have been on the wrong side of Jenna before, but it looks like there might be less ‘A’ attached to her actions then everyone guessed. Jenna was blinded by a prank fire set by Alison that the Liars sat aimlessly by for. That would be enough motive for most people to seek revenge, yet there’s always been this odd connection to the N.A.T. (“We See Everything”) club that’s been left mostly unexplained.

Two out of three of the official members of the club are now dead – Ian and Garrett. At least they’re dead in the vain of soap opera deaths. The final scene of the season 3 finale made it pretty clear that a deceased gentleman would be resurrected in the upcoming season. This means that we might be seeing one of them again since there’s always a possibility that it may have been a flashback.

The only living member of the club, Jason, is now missing. He very well could be in Detective Wilden’s (Bryce Johnson) trunk given his lack of face time since the elevator incident, and the fact that Wilden might have something to do with whatever happened to Ali. However, that still leaves Jenna and Melissa, who have some undisclosed relationship to the club’s unsanctioned extracurricular activities.

I like to consider these side players to be the official ‘B-Squad.’ Right now it appears that the ‘A-Team’ and the ‘B-Squad’ are preparing to face-off. The finale set it up perfectly. If the ‘A-Team’ had all the intentions of ending things before the different factions screwed everything up, then the ‘B-Squad’ were clearly the agitators or in this case the fire starters. This kind of seems like poetic justice considering Jenna’s history with the Liars.

Almost burning the girls alive seems like a pretty bold first move for these second tier evil doers, it’s anyone’s guess as to what their follow up will be.

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1. The Liars

PLLf 5 Reasons Why You Cant Stop Watching Pretty Little Liars

Who doesn’t want to know how Aria, Emily, Hannah, and Spencer will deal with the latest torment that ‘A’ throws their way?

Of course, the most compelling reason to watch Pretty Little Liars is the Liars themselves! Each one of them has their own style and way of looking at things. Lucky for us, the way they handle situations are equally unique - and not always predictable. Their reactions to the events that take place can still suprise us, which keeps things fresh and interesting.

They don’t always have a plan or follow the rules. They don’t always make the smartest choices or the safest ones. And, they definitely don’t always think first and act second. But, when they make a decision, they stand by it – right or wrong. They don’t dwell on things for too long, and they look out for each other. At the end of the day they’re just doing the best they can. Since ‘A’ doesn’t always play fair, it’s good to know that the Liars don’t always play it safe either.

Alison may have been right about one thing though, secrets keep you close – and with all the secrets the Liars have piled up, it’s pretty safe to say they’ll be best friends forever. But just in case, I’m going to stay tuned. What about you?

Pretty Little Liars returns to ABC Family for season 4 on Tuesday, June 11th. Will you be tuning in?

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