Where can I get the best ‘Naruto’ wallpaper?

Image via Crunchyroll

It is fairly easy to become so engulfed in the anime-sphere that we suddenly find ourselves looking for the best possible way of holding a certain story or character near our hearts. Whether that may be through a phone case, or just wallpaper on our phone screen, every avid fan has gone through the trouble of trying to find that one item that represents their love for their favorite fictional stories and characters.

Often known by fans as “The Big Three,” Naruto, One Piece, and Bleach are, arguably, the most popular anime to have come out of Japan. With plenty of runner-ups, these three unique stories have stayed consistently at the top of the list for shounen fans. While it may appear easy to find a wallpaper that matches your expectations — especially considering these anime’s ginormous following — it may be harder than one might believe. For that reason, if you’re looking to find the best possible source for Naruto wallpapers, we got this covered.

Where to find the best Naruto wallpapers for your phone

When it comes to phone wallpapers, Pinterest will surely provide the largest and most diverse arsenal of wallpapers for any Naruto fan. Minimalist or not, the platform is certainly the best source for anyone looking for different themes, colors, or types of wallpapers to complete their phone aesthetic. It has a definite downside, however: it has a very limited amount of desktop or laptop wallpapers. Limited regarding image sizes, Pinterest still offers the best fanmade and free wallpapers in the market.

Most of the images present on Pinterest are created by fans, for fans. Normally edited by non-professionals, the Naruto wallpapers provided are created by those paying special attention to their favorite characters and their specific quirks, as they create the perfect wallpaper for specific characters or moments.

Where to find the best Naruto wallpapers for larger screens

To find the best wallpapers for your desktop, laptop, or even IPad, Reddit should probably be your go-to tool for finding larger-resolution Naruto wallpapers. With the purpose of sharing everything Naruto-related, the subreddit dedicated to the anime series often has fans and users sharing their large collection of wallpapers. In addition to its larger and multi-diverse subreddit, the platform also offers a much smaller community created solely for Naruto wallpapers, but unfortunately, it is a much more limited subreddit than its larger counterpart.

Moreover, on Reddit, users also often share different sources for free wallpapers created by fans, including several websites like WallAlphacoders, or WallpaperAccess – two sources oftentimes used for anime fans to find high-resolution wallpapers from their favorite titles. Usually, larger wallpapers are shared on these specific websites, befitting for an equally larger screen, however, at times wallpapers for smaller devices can also be found.

It may appear nearly impossible to find a wallpaper that ticks every single box for everyone – but it is definitely doable. With the right source, anyone can finally find a way of paying a small homage to their favorite Hokage.