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‘A Knight’s Tale’ star shares BTS images in memory of Heath Ledger

The photos depict Ledger making a variety of genial, good-humored faces, from a wide smile to a comical pout.

Photo by Egon Endrenyi/Columbia Pictures/Sony Pictures

A recent discovery by actor Rufus Sewell sparked a touching tribute on Twitter last Tuesday.

Sewell, who played antagonist Count Adhemar in the 2001 comedy film A Knight’s Tale, shared some behind-the-scenes photos of his late co-star Heath Ledger, which he claimed to believe had been “lost forever.”

The photos depict Ledger, who starred in the film as protagonist William Thatcher, making a variety of genial, good-humored faces, from a wide smile to a comical pout.

Ledger passed away in 2008, six months before one of his last-ever projects, The Dark Knight, was set to be released. The actor, who portrayed the Joker in the film, received posthumous critical acclaim and several awards for the role, including the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.

Beyond A Knight’s Tale and The Dark Knight, Ledger is also known for his roles in Brokeback Mountain and The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, the latter of which was his final film role.

Sewell found the photos on April 5th, the day after Heath Ledger’s birthday. He would have been 43.

It seems the impact that Ledger left behind has not wilted; the sharing of these photos was met with a dizzying response from the social platform, with many leaving comments about their love for A Knight’s Tale and the chemistry that the two had shared on-screen; chemistry that, according to Sewell, they shared off-screen as well.

Sewell most recently portrayed Charles in M. Night Shyamalan thriller Old.

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