Benedict Wong talks up ‘Wong’ spinoff

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Not content with being Earth-616’s Sorcerer Supreme, Benedict Wong has expressed interest in a spinoff series or film for Wong after Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Wong has become a fan-favourite in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with what used to be a subservient manservant character in the comics now a battle-hardened drill sergeant for Doctor Strange, unafraid of calling him out on his mistakes. His fandom has lead to the beautifully obscure subreddit /r/WongCinematicUniverse.

Speaking to Variety, Benedict Wong spoke up about the potential for a Wong spinoff, and it’ll come as good news to the Wong-tourage.

“I’ve been asked this a million times…I’m very flattered, and there are certain answers to certain questions that we need to be answered. We didn’t see (Wong) for five years when he went through the portal, so we can fill some storylines there. Let’s wait and see what Marvel does. I always say, ‘Have Portal, will travel.’”

A lot of Wong’s backstory hasn’t been explored as of yet, but considering the cult-like following for the character, it seems like a clear avenue for Marvel to explore.

While there hasn’t been a Marvel Cinematic Universe “One Shot” in a while, considering Wong is left to defend the Sanctum Sanctorum during the events of Avengers: Infinity War, perhaps that chapter and subsequent five years could be a good vein to tap into as Benedict Wong points out.

Wong also spoke of inspirations for his interpretation on the character, likening him to former Manchester United captain Roy Keane, the club for which Wong has supported since he was a child.

Fans can see Phase Wong continue in Doctor Strange 2, currently in cinemas.

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