Beto O’Rourke says he’d be alright, alright, alright with Matthew McConaughey in his administration


Texas gubernatorial candidate and former presidential hopeful Beto O’Rourke stopped by Late Night with Seth Meyers on Tuesday to put current Texas Governor Greg Abbott on blast for attempting to punish parents who provide their children with gender-affirming care. But during the appearance, O’Rourke had nothing but glowing things to say about actor Matthew McConaughey, who was also considering a run for governor.

When asked by host Seth Meyers if there would be room for McConaughey in his administration, the former state rep didn’t hesitate before responding with a resounding “absolutely.”

“This guy’s a great Texan. Beyond being an extraordinary actor, when the chips are down in our state, this guy shows up.”

Recalling the horrific mass shooting at an El Paso Walmart that killed 23 people in 2019, which was provoked by anti-immigration rhetoric by Abbott and former President Donald Trump, O’Rourke recalled how McConaughey came out to support his fellow Texans in need.

“McConaughey showed up, raised money, donated it to the community, was there, you know, physically present, to make sure that we all knew he was with us. When we had this winter storm last year and Abbott couldn’t keep the lights on and the power went off, hundreds died, tens of billions of dollars in damage, McConaughey gets all of his famous friends together, and they raised millions of dollars for the state.”

“So, this guy is there for Texas, and he’s got such an amazing heart, so whatever he wants to do and however he can help, we want to turn him loose and let him do that,” he quipped. “But he’s an example of the spirit of the state.”

“I don’t know if the guy is a Republican or Democrat,” O’Rourke added. “And it doesn’t matter because before we’re either of those things, we’re Texans, we’re Americans, we’re human beings, and we should start treating one another that way.”

Though it didn’t work out this year, McConaughey hasn’t ruled out a pivot to politics in his future plans, so it’s entirely possible that he could come work for O’Rourke — if he wins in November, anyway.

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