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Britney Spears’ new boyfriend isn’t much of a catch

He claims he's "not a bad guy," but he's not a catch either.

Honoree Britney Spears attends the 29th Annual GLAAD Media Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on April 12, 2018 in Beverly Hills, California.
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Rumor is that Britney Spears has a new boyfriend, and it’s worse than when she first started dating Kevin Federline. Not only did the pop star split from her husband Sam Asghari just a few weeks ago, but this guy she’s allegedly seeing is hardly a winner.

Between his lengthy criminal record and court-ordered anger management classes, Spears has her work cut out for her. For her sake, we’re hoping it’s just a rebound. So, let’s dive right into it. This is everything we know so far about Brit’s new boyfriend, Paul Richard Soliz.

Who is Britney Spears’ boyfriend, Paul Richard Soliz?

Unlike most of the men she’s dated, Soliz isn’t in any way connected to the entertainment industry. He works in maintenance, which is how the 37-year-old met the “Oops!…I Did It Again” singer. According to Us Weekly, Soliz started working for Spears after being released from jail in May. More on that in a minute!

A source told the magazine he was responsible for simple maintenance tasks around the house, such as fixing doorknobs and unclogging toilets, but he was “terminated” after just two months. Despite being let go, Soliz and Spears have been seen together several times since late August, causing people to believe they’re dating.

After Asghari filed for divorce, rumors flew about possible infidelity. While some alleged insiders shared they’d be surprised to learn that Spears cheated, others had something else to say. “”He was fired when Britney’s team found out they were sleeping together, but then he came back into the picture,” a source shared told Us Weekly.

That same source claimed that Asghari found out Spears cheated after watching security camera footage. While we’ll never know when their relationship began, she certainly moved on fast enough for these suspicions to be reasonable.

Soliz has several felony charges, including possession of a controlled substance with intent to sell and possession of a firearm as a felon. He also has a couple of misdemeanors on his record, including child endangerment, driving without a license, and disturbing the peace.

Soliz is currently on probation for a December 2020 arrest for owning a firearm as a felon and unlawful possession of ammunition. He spent 90 days in jail, after which he met Spears. After allegedly violating his probation, Soliz had to appear in court earlier this month. He’s also enrolled in court-ordered anger management classes, but it’s unclear which crime it’s linked to.

Recently, Soliz ran into a handful of reporters outside of court, where he shared he has “a handful of children.” According to a video by Backgrid, his children’s mother passed away, and one of his kids is “being held over a 5150,” which is a psychiatric hold.

Soliz also shared that he’s still “seeing” Spears, and she has supported him throughout his legal troubles. He wouldn’t confirm if they were exclusive or comment on whether he caused her divorce, but his smirk seemed to give him away.

During the same discussion with the media, Spears’ new guy addressed his reputation and did his best to improve his public image:

“I’m not a bad dude. I understand that things have been said about me in the past, and I have a criminal record — I get it. I’m a working man. I own my own business. I do a licensed contractor technique tile.”

He may not be a “bad dude,” but he certainly comes with a lot of baggage!

Last, but certainly not least, everyone knows that asking someone to pick you up or drop you off at an airport is a clear indicator of how serious a relationship is, and it looks like Spears put her new guy to the test. When Spears came home from a trip to Cabo San Lucas in early September, Soliz was spotted picking her up from the airport, earning brownie points with the singer.

Considering how much money Spears has and that she could have easily hired a driver, this act of service is incredibly telling. Their relationship may be more serious than they want the public to believe. Hopefully, the pop star is taking her time and isn’t planning wedding number four any time soon!

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