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Chloe Bailey lands slam dunk with her Halloween homage to iconic ‘Space Jam’ character

Don't you dare call her doll.

Credit: YouTube

Halloween’s not over yet and Chloe Bailey is showing her love for nostalgic childhood films by once again dressing as a beloved cartoon character for the spooky festivities.

The “For the Night” singer, who goes by the stage name Chlöe, shared pictures of her as Space Jam‘s Lola Bunny on her Twitter earlier today.

The pics show Bailey in a perfect imitation of the Space Jam vixen’s basketball uniform, complete with extra short basketball shorts and a crop top adorned with her team logo (although Bailey’s reads “Bunny Squad” and not “Tune Squad” like Lola’s from the movie). She completed the look with sharp, cartoon-like contour, a drawn-on bunny nose, and a ponytail complete with pinned-on Lola bangs.

In a reply, she posted a close-up of her makeup and the attention to detail is impressive: not only does she perfectly replicate Lola’s eye makeup, she even drew two tiny lines on her nose to copy the way the basketball bunny’s nose is drawn.

In addition to her Twitter post, she also posted a quick video of the costume on her TikTok account, where she cheekily dances to the song “Whatever Lola Wants (Lola Gets)” by Sarah Vaughan. Comments were overwhelmingly positive on both social media posts, although a couple of fans were not impressed with the bangs. One TikTok user commented, “the bangs should be punished but you look amazing 😍” while another wrote, “Bangs need to go! But you look lovely Chlo 😂💗.”

Controversial bangs aside, it’s obvious Bailey put a lot of work into her costume and she looks great!

Lola Bunny wasn’t the only costume the Jane actor wore this year; she posted a picture of herself as X-Men‘s Storm earlier this weekend. Bailey is seen wearing a unitard and cape, along with an icy blonde wig and headpiece. She went all out with visual effects and completes the look with lightning flashes and glowing eyes.

Surprisingly, this isn’t the first time the singer has dressed up as a cartoon vixen named Lola for Halloween. Last year, Bailey shared pictures of herself as Lola from 2004’s Shark Tale. The fish, voiced by Angeline Jolie, is another fan-favorite children’s cartoon character so it seems that Bailey has a type when it comes to Halloween costumes.

While we love her costumes so far, we’re looking forward to next year’s batch of Halloween looks. Will Bailey find another Lola to dress up as or is this just a fun coincidence? Only time will tell but we can’t wait to see what her next Halloween photoshoot will look like.

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