‘Daredevil’ star Vincent D’Onofrio weighs in on GMA3 anchor scandal

Vincent D'Onofrio
Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images for Searchlight Pictures

National TV news reporting show GMA3 found itself on the wrong end of the news cycle recently after it was revealed that co-anchors Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes were having an affair. The pair were recently pulled from the show, and now even Daredevil baddie Vincent D’Onofrio is chiming in.

Yesterday CNN wrote an article about how the two lovebirds were removed from the show (despite record ratings), and D’Onofrio shared the article with a statement about the situation.

D’Onofrio said what a lot of people were thinking, and asked what the big deal was about it. He called the whole thing “silly” and asked if he was missing something.

One person responded and said “both married.” And yes that would be an issue, but as someone else pointed out: “They’re actually both separated from their partners, apparently since August. Plus ABC stated their relationship isn’t against company policy it’s an internal and external distraction. If it’s not against policy, and they aren’t cheating, I don’t get the issue either.”

Another person pointed out that they were “married for ten years to different people” and that the affair has been ongoing for three years.

“And again, that’s none of anyone’s business but theirs,” someone else responded, echoing the Daredevil star’s viewpoint. Regardless of his views on infidelity, we’ll see D’Onofrio in a much different light when he returns in Daredevil: Born Again, premiering in the Spring of 2024 on Disney Plus.