‘Doctor Strange 2’ star’s mind was blown when they found out how they’d appear

Marvel Studios via YouTube

Actress Lashana Lynch is on one hell of a hot streak. The actress, who burst on the scene in 2012’s Fast Girls, has appeared in No Time to Die, Captain Marvel, and The Woman King all in the past few years.

In Captain Marvel, she played Maria Rambeau, a woman that Marvel killed off (something we found out about in WandaVision).

“Kevin Feige had messaged me, letting me know about Maria’s demise. [Characters] spoke of it in WandaVision, which I’m glad that they did because at least that’s good context,” she said in an interview with Empire.

However, they brought her back for Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness, and they didn’t just bring back her character, they brought her back as alternate universe Captain Marvel. Lynch revealed that she had zero idea that she would be back at Marvel. “It was a wild one,” she said.

“One of the producers of Captain Marvel called me and said they had this idea to bring all these new versions of characters back together and they wanted to bring Maria back. “I was like, ‘Great, okay, she’s gonna be an ancestor.’ ‘No, she’s gonna be Captain Marvel.’ It blew my mind.”

She said it didn’t even sink in when she met the other alternate universe characters.

“Hayley [Atwell], Benedict [Cumberbatch], Chiwetel [Ejiofor], a group of us were on Zoom just staring at each other going, ‘What is happening?!’ I embraced Maria as a ‘super-mum’, having a chance to flex in this very new but already existent way. It felt like it was meant to be for her.”

Turns out that death is not always the end in the Marvel universe, and Lynch said she mentioned that to Feige.

“Listen, I’ve already mentioned to Kevin about ancestors. I was like, ‘You know in Black Panther when the dad is a panther in the tree? Maybe Maria could be by a tree somewhere!’”

Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness is currently streaming on Disney Plus.