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Ezra Miller being allowed to promote ‘The Flash’ leaves Jonathan Majors defenders fuming

In hindsight, we should've predicted this.

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The Flash had its big theater premiere last night and in a surprising turn of events, everyone was present. Yes, even Ezra Miller. As one can imagine, a lot of people weren’t happy about this and jumped on the opportunity to defend another superhero movie star, Jonathan Majors.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know about the extensive list of controversies and allegations against Miller, some of which include harassment and grooming. Despite it all, though, the actor has continued to be involved in DC projects, to the displeasure of the public. The fact that they are allowed to promote The Flash, then, and even got to make a speech at the premiere isn’t sitting right — but not exactly for the reasons one would expect.

For Jonathan Majors fans, Miller’s public outing is nothing short of an injustice considering that, according to them, the Marvel star has been canceled with much less evidence. In case anyone needs a reminder, Majors was arrested in March due to accusations of physical assault.

While the Majors defenders are screaming the loudest about this subject, they’re not the only ones. Some folks have also taken to social media to call out racism in Hollywood, which they argue is responsible for the vastly different ways in which problematic celebrities are treated.

This isn’t even the first time Miller and Majors have been brought up together recently. After the news broke about the Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania star, folks were quick to point out how differently the two were treated not just by Hollywood, but by the general public itself.

It seems unlikely that DC will backtrack on its decision to have Miller promote The Flash, but after this wave of criticism, perhaps it should at least rethink some choices.

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