Fans know exactly which ‘Juno’ star they want to see in the MCU next, they just can’t decide on the role

Juno, the Lorings
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Marvel has done a wonderful job of casting throughout the MCU. It has consistently surprised us with the actors that it chooses to fill the various superhero roles, but its spot-on casting is probably why it sits head and shoulders above the competition. With all the comedic actors that have made their way into the MCU, fans are wondering why the talents of Jason Bateman have yet to be utilized by the studio.

Marvel took some calculated risks for many of their casting decisions, going all the way back to the first superhero of the MCU, Iron Man. At that time, nobody would touch Robert Downey Jr. but after Jon Favreau refused to take no for an answer when it came to casting him he went on to become the face of the whole franchise. There have been other controversial castings since then, who knew that Andy Dwyer from Parks and Recreation could turn into Star-Lord? Or that comedic and mostly non-threatening Paul Rudd could ever be a superhero?

By infusing the franchise with actors that can pull off quippy, witty, and down-right silly as well as emotional, serious, and tear-inducing the MCU created a wonderfully entertaining universe that still left us emotionally invested. Fans believe that Bateman has the chops to do both, and do them both extremely well.

The actor has the sarcasm and glib responses down to a pat, enough to rival Downey Jr. even, and we have seen that at play in many of the comedic films and television shows he has appeared in where he played that character trope. He is no one-trick pony though and has also worked in many dramatic productions such as Ozark.

One fan of the actor on Reddit wondered why he is yet to be cast in anything, whilst also asking what kind of role others see the actor in.

Many could see him in the MCU though not as a superhero.

For some, it’s hard to imagine him in one of those costumes.

Many feel like he would make the perfect villain, one who is so much more terrifying than you first thought.

Many love the idea of him as a villain.

This fan laments that the role of Green Goblin isn’t up for grabs.

Given that Batemen and Downey Jr. have similar dry humor to them it’s not so far-fetched.

Another option is Hank Pym.

Though some feel that maybe Bateman’s acting choices and Marvel Studios wouldn’t exactly gel.

We have no idea how long Marvel will continue to keep churning out movies, but given that it is still going strong there is a chance that we might see him in its future, that’s if he wants that too.