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Hayden Christensen waxes poetic about a unanimously loved ‘Star Wars’ spinoff series

It's not just the fans who are obsessed with it.

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Many would agree that the Disney Plus series, Andor, is one of the best Star Wars stories ever told. Not only does it show the origins of the rebellion, but it also showcases how the Empire worked and presents a very dark and mature Star Wars story. While some weren’t keen to watch a series that just added details to the films, Hayden Christensen joined the conversation and shared his views on the show.

In a recent edition of Variety’s Actors on Actors series, Christensen sat down with Andor star, Diego Luna, as the two talked about their experience as fans and actors in the franchise. One of the things that were discussed was Andor and Rogue One and how they connected to the film trilogies. From there, the Anakin Skywalker actor claimed that Andor is a “great origin story for the rebellion” and how he watched Diego’s character, Cassian Andor, become a key figure in saving the galaxy from the Empire.

“And Andor, I think, is so successful too. Having the time to spend with these characters, and it’s like a great origin story for the beginning of the rebellion. And getting to see the arc of your character and how he kind of starts off at this place where he doesn’t really want to do with any of this. He just want to keep it to himself, but his destiny is calling”

This conversation between the two actors was really interesting to watch as we saw two Star Wars fans complimenting each other and the Star Wars projects they had been involved in. Luna commented on how much he enjoyed the main trilogy and how he grew up with the franchise. Meanwhile, Christensen showed appreciation for how big the franchise had grown to the point where it could tell stories outside of the films.

Andor saw massive success after its season 1 premiere, earning a high Rotten Tomatoes critics score of 96 percent and an audience score of 86 percent. A second season has already been greenlit and could be released in 2024. If you want to catch up on the series and understand why Christensen enjoyed the show, all episodes of season 1 are now available on Disney Plus.

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