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‘House of the Dragon’ star Emma D’Arcy is on fire at the GQ Men of the Year red carpet

Dracarys, indeed!

Credit: HBO/Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

Blonde no more, instead this star is on fire! Fresh from the ending of the first season of the hit HBO series House of the Dragon, Emma D’arcy set fans’ hearts aflame as they walked on the red carpet for GQ Men of the Year with a new fiery hairdo.

Known for playing Rhaenyra Targaryen, another striking and assertive figure, D’Arcy swapped the platinum blonde that both they and the character shared for a while, opting to take more inspiration from their on-screen dragon’s fiery temperament, turning their hair a shocking shade of red.

Emma D'arcy at GQ Men of the Year awards
Credit: Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

The star looks like they could command an army in their outfit which was mainly made up of leather with a chain bag, striking a bold and androgynous look that wouldn’t look totally amiss in Westeros. D’arcy has more recently been vocal about their gender orientation, identifying as non-binary and how they were drawn to the role of Rhaenyra, telling GQ:

“I was drawn to Rhaenyra because I saw a person who, from a young age, was sort of obsessed with masculinity. Part of that is an appreciation for the space afforded to men. As a child, my hyper-awareness of gender presentation was the same as Rhaenyra’s. I craved the right to take up space in the way that I saw men doing naturally.”

They were one of the honorees of the awards alongside Joseph Quinn, Louis Theroux, Andrew Garfield, and Sydney Sweeney amongst others. The whole ensemble was giving edgy grunge, and fans are absolutely loving it.

This fan would do anything for their Queen including making the now TikTok famous negroni recipe that D’arcy discussed with their co-star Olivia Cooke.

The look has certainly got many flustered, though D’arcy will not be commanded.

This statement is saying something considering that there were dragons that breathe fire involved!

They are amassing their own loyal subjects outside of the show.

From the steel-tipped shoes to the chain bag, to the copious knuckle-duster-looking rings everything about this look is sitting right with fans.

No matter whether they are blonde or red-haired, this fan thinks D’arcy is iconic.

Though they seem totally at ease on the red carpet with their inherent style shining through, D’arcy does not always feel the most comfortable here and instead uses their style as a way to conceal their true self.

“In those inherently public spaces, I try to distance myself from myself. I want to be at least two steps to the left of me, because it can be very vulnerable being out there in these places as myself.”

Whether they are being truly themselves, or a version of themselves that allows them to be more comfortable in the spotlight, D’arcy is slaying it, and their character, Rhaenyra, would be proud.

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