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How many members are in Stray Kids? All Stray Kids Members

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Stray Kids is a popular K-pop boy band that was formed through a reality survival show of the same name by JYP Entertainment in 2017. Since their debut, the group has received a large following, both at home in South Korea and internationally. Stray Kids is a self-producing group and are famously known for its unique sound, which has been dubbed “noise music”. 

The group has three units: 3Racha, which is the songwriting team, DanceRacha, which focuses on dance, and the vocal team, called VocalRacha. All the sub-units debuted in 2018, before officially debuting as Stray Kids in 2019.

The nine initial members: Banchan, Felix, Han, Seungmin, Lee Know, Changbin, Hyunjin, I.N, and Woojin debuted as a group with the mini-album “I Am Not” on March 25 in 2018. Woojin terminated his contract and left the group in 2019 for personal reasons, which reduced the group to eight members. Together, they have achieved numerous accolades, earning major awards such as Best New Artist and Best Album at the Golden Disc Awards, Rookie of the Year at the Seoul Music Awards and the Asia Artist Awards, and Best Korean Act at the MTV European Music Awards. 

Here’s a list of all the eight incredibly talented members of the famous boy band, and some of their personal details, for a chance to get to know Stray Kids a little better. 

Bang Chan

Bang Christopher Chan, also known by the alias ‘CB97’, was born on Oct. 3 in 1997. At 24 years old, Bang Chan is the oldest member of the group and stands at 173cm (five foot eight inches) tall. He was born in South Korea but raised in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, and is a singer, rapper, songwriter, and producer.

He auditioned to be a trainee in 2010 and passed the auditions, which led him to train for seven years — from 2011 to 2018 — before his official debut. Bang Chan is the leader of Stray Kids and is also part of the hip-hop and songwriting trio 3Racha. 


Han Jisung, was born on Sept. 14 in 2000 and is 21 years old. He is 170cm (five foot seven inches) tall. He is a singer, rapper, and producer. He is also a part of 3Racha, under the name ‘J.ONE’.

Han studied at Fairview International School in Malaysia but dropped out in 2015 after he passed the JYP auditions in South Korea. He was a trainee for three years before his debut. He has also helped with production and songwriting for a number of Stray Kids’ songs.


Hwang Hyunjin was born on March 20 in 2000 and is 22 years old. He is 180cm (five foot 11 inches) tall and the tallest member in the group. He is also part of the sub-unit Dance Racha. Hyunjin received an audition offer from a JYP casting director when he was out shopping with his mother, eventually trying his luck out at the audition and succeeding.

He graduated from the department of Practical Dance at the School of Performing Arts Seoul in 2019 and was a trainee for two years before his official debut.


Seo Changbin was born on Aug. 11 in 1999, is 22 years old, and stands at 167cm (five foot six inches) tall. He is a singer, songwriter, rapper, and producer, and is the last member of the trio 3Racha, going under the alias ‘SPEAR B’. After graduating from Bora High School, Changbin passed the JYP Entertainment audition that was held at his music academy. He was a trainee for two years before his debut. 


Lee Felix Yongbok was born on Sept. 15 in 2000. He is 21 years old and 172cm (five foot eight inches) tall. Felix is a singer, dancer, rapper, and member of the sub-unit Dance Racha. Although he was born and raised in Seven Hills, New South Wales, Australia, he flew to South Korea to attend JYP auditions after receiving an offer online.

At first, he could speak very little Korean and was initially dropped from the official debut lineup. He eventually debuted with the group, and since then, has gone on to be one of the most popular members of Stray Kids, with his uniquely deep voice becoming a fan favorite.


Kim Seungmin was born on Sept. 22 in 2000 and is 178cm (five foot 10 inches) tall. The 21-year-old artist is the main vocalist of Stray Kids, as well as a member of the sub-unit Vocal Racha. Seungmin was a member of the dance team ‘Ambition’ in high school and was originally a trainee at PLAN A Entertainment.

He joined JYP Entertainment as a trainee in 2017 after placing second in the 13th JYP Open Auditions. After a year and some months of training, he made his debut with the rest of the group. 

Lee Know

Lee Minho was born on Oct. 25 in 1998. He is 23 years old and 172cm (five foot eight inches) tall. He is a singer and dancer and was previously a dancer for K-pop supergroup BTS. Lee Know began dancing in middle school and scored a trainee offer at a dance competition a few years after he had auditioned at JYP Entertainment.

He had been dropped from Stray Kids but was added back, just like fellow member Felix. Lee Know is the leader of the sub-unit Dance Racha and was a trainee for eight months before his debut.


Yang Jeongin was born on Feb. 8 in 2001 and is 21 years old. He is the youngest member of Stray Kids and is 178cm (five foot 10 inches) tall. He is also a part of the sub-unit Vocal Racha. I.N started out as a child model and gained fame for his renditions of Korean Trot songs. In 2019, he graduated from the Department of Applied Music at the School of Performing Arts Seoul and graduated and was a trainee for two years before his debut. 

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