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How tall is Tyler1? Tyler1’s Height, Confirmed

The popular streamer is shorter than you think he is.


Tyler Steinkamp, better known as tyler1 (or TT or T1) is an online personality and streamer on Twitch. He’s extremely popular and has more than 5 million followers on the site.

He blew up in 2016 after he was banned from 22 accounts but promised he had reformed his behavior. While he quickly became toxic again he built a huge following. He’s also notable for being one of the rare players to get a ban from Riot Games for the game League of Legends.

The ban was lifted at the end of 2017 under the condition that he stream cleanly and not show any abusive behavior. He also started the Tyler1 Championship Series, which began as satire of the League of Legends Championship Series but morphed into something that’s taken on a life of its own.

While he’s a streamer, Tyler1 really doesn’t fit the stereotype of the out-of-shape gamer. He attended Central Methodist University where he played as a running back on the football team. He is currently the 30th most followed account on Twitch (Ninja is number one).

How tall is tyler1?

According to a few different sources, tyler1 is 5 feet 6 inches tall. That puts him at below average for men in the United States, where the median height is in the neighborhood of 5 foot 9 inches. Looking for more tyler1 facts? He was born in 1995 and he’s worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $4.3 million.

On April Fools’ day in 2018, he acted out a full movie of his life called A Day in the Life of Tyler1. Most of his income comes from his YouTube channel and his Twitch channel. Like most Twitch personalities, he streams a lot and engages his fans in fun and surprising ways. Despite all the controversy and bans, he’s managed to eke out quite the career for himself, regardless of height.

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