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‘It’s all vomit inducing’: Resurfaced videos of Russell Brand paint latest accusations in disgusting new light

Russell Brand salivates over minors in disturbing historical footage that seems to align with controversial allegations.

Russell Brand. YouTube.
Screen capture. YouTube.

Disturbing footage of comedian Russell Brand shows him repeatedly expressing sexual attraction for minors.

Trigger Warning: This article discusses sensitive topics. Read with discretion.

In the reel, posted in the r/FauxMoi subreddit, Brand habitually sexualizes children and jokes about being one of “the most dangerous sexual predators in London.”

Redditors responded with disgust after watching Brand objectify minors in footage from 2006 and 2007. Brand is facing historical allegations of rape, sexual assault, and emotional abuse from four women who claim the incidents took place between 2006 and 2014. One of the alleged victims was 16 years old at the time of the assault — the age Brand continuously salivates over in the clips.

The video highlighted his troubling views and inappropriate behavior from that period, prompting one of his peers to express a desire for his chemical castration. The compilation features clips of Brand available in the public forum from MTV UK’s Total Request Live1 Leicester Square, and On The Road.

Brand denies all of the allegations, and appears to have launched a public relations strategy via his social media, positioning himself as a victim of the mainstream media. The comedian has invested considerable time and effort in sowing the seeds of a derivative conspiracy theory on his YouTube channel in particular, claiming, a la Andrew Tate, that the “Matrix” might come after him because of his purportedly revolutionary political beliefs. Notably, both Andrew Tate and Elon Musk have shown support for Brand’s stance. The comedian received a standing ovation during his unapologetic live appearance at Wembley Stadium. 

The documentary In Plain Sight is streaming on All4 for UK viewers, and can seen by international viewers via the Google Chrome Beebs extension with a VPN service.

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