Jamie Lee Curtis throws shade at Marvel Studios for its love of all things green screen

Emma McIntyre / Getty Images

If some veteran mainstays of Hollywood could have their way, the terms CGI and green screen would be entombed in a little book of bad words that should never be uttered. Among those that apparently love nothing more than to proclaim that anything Marvel Studios produces isn’t a ‘real movie’ are Martin Scorsese and Ridley Scott.

Now, Jamie Lee Curtis has gleefully added further fuel to the fire, though in this instance, one can only imagine the sly little jab is exactly that and little more.

Taking to Instagram to promote her latest film, Everything Everywhere All At Once, Curtis shared a BTS clip showing herself and Michelle Yeoh in costume. The latter can be seen sitting on top of a stunt double and is accompanied by Lee’s caption: “NO BIG green screen MARVEL-LESS camera tricks, just old skool MOVIE MAGIC tricks.”

Curtis continues to provide some context for the absurdist comedy-drama, which apparently involves Yeoh’s character defying gravity in a multi-limbed fight sequence.

Directed by the Daniels dynamic duo (try repeating that to yourself), Everything Everywhere All At Once is tipped to be one of 2022’s biggest theatrical hitters. Whether it’ll meet those lofty projections still remains to be seen, though a 96% critic approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes certainly suggests it’s headed for greatness when all is said and done.

Everything Everywhere All At Once lands on streaming next week, May 17.

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