Jeff Goldblum reminisces on popcorn and Princess Diana at ‘Jurassic Park’ premiere

princess diana jurassic park premiere
Photo by Princess Diana Archive/Getty Images

Jeff Goldblum was royally shocked at the premiere of 1993’s Jurassic Park.

Talking with Entertainment Tonight at the Jurassic World Dominion premiere, the 69-year-old actor recalled that he watched the first Jurassic film with the late Princess Diana at a sort of “royal screening.” Of course, he told the story in his signature syntax.

“Well, the premiere . . . you know, there were a few . . . With things like this, you know, we already did a kind of a premiere in Mexico City, which was great. This is fantastic—my home base, not far from my stomping grounds, you know, so to speak . . . speaking of dinosaurs!

And it’s great. Let me see. Where did we have the first one? Well, I’ll tell you. You know, the first one . . . we had . . . I’m remembering London, I’m remembering the Natural Museum History of a . . . Natural Museum History, there . . . Natural History Museum!

And, speaking of the Platinum Jubilee, we showed it to, at the time, Princess Diana, and we had a kind of a royal screening. Steven Spielberg was here [he gestures to his left], Sam Neill was here [he gestures again to his left], Princess Diana was here [he gestures to his right]. And we showed them the movie.”

“You’re standing there next to Diana?” the interviewer interjected.

“Not standing. Sitting!” replied Goldblum. “Popcorn, popcorn, popcorn!” he continued. “Yes! How about that?”

Asked if they shared popcorn, Goldblum demurred and said, “That’s all I can say,” before adding a “No.”

We wonder if any current royals will be watching Jurassic World Dominion when it screens across the world beginning from June 10.