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Jensen Ackles exhibiting strong Grandpa Winchester vibes during an Instagram live is everyone’s new favorite thing

The gran-daddy vibes were strong in this one.

Jensen Ackles speaks onstage at The Winchesters Pilot Screening and Q&A during New York Comic Con 2022 on October 09, 2022 in New York City.
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In celebration of the newest The Winchesters episode, Jensen Ackles was gladly accompanied by the show’s cast during his Instagram Live, receiving much-needed tech help from the young actors.

From back to his Supernatural days, Jared Padalecki and Misha Collins oftentimes joined Ackles as the newest weekly episode aired β€” and the tradition has translated into the newest prequel, which had its premiere on Oct.11. Much to the 44-year-old actor’s despair, tech and social media have evolved for what seems like the worse, and he seems to hardly keep up with the times β€” but the Internet is living for it. In what has now been known as “Grandpa Ackles,” fans on Twitter have taken the time to share their favorite moments during the Instagram live, where Ackles appears to just be charmingly lacking social media expertise.

The actor appeared frustrated throughout the entire live, struggling to start the video, end it, and everything it required in between- after all, it had been a few good years since he had to do this. Regardless, the The Boys alum kept The Winchester cast near him, giving out a helping hand whenever needed, which is fair to say, was quite often. Fans absolutely loved this interaction between the OG actor and the young group of people now leading the Supernatural prequel, finding it endearing that in spite of only being in his mid-forties, the actor was still struggling so much with technology.

Despite having no social media knowledge whatsoever, the actor still insisted on accompanying Med Donnely, Drake Rodgers, Jojo Fleites, Bianca Kajlich, and Danneel Harris as they watched the sixth episode in the series. The Winchesters tells the tale of Mary Campbell and John Winchester before they got married, showing their beginnings as hunters and their untold love story from Supernatural.

The Winchesters is currently airing on the CW every Tuesday, and if you want to keep with Grandad Ackles, you can find him on the third season of The Boys on Amazon Prime Video.

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