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Jeremy Renner continues his remarkable recovery by taking the coldest dip possible

Jeremy Renner plays a hero on TV and in real life.

Jeremy Renner
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For anyone in the dark about Jeremy Renner, his heroic act of saving his nephew nearly cost him his life. He seems to be making the most of the second chance at life he’s been granted, and watching his journey of recovery is a joy to behold.

Renner was attempting to help his nephew drag a Ford Raptor out of a snow bank with a 14,000-lb. Sno-Cat when he was crushed. Renner’s injuries included blunt chest trauma and orthopedic injuries and required multiple surgeries. Ultimately he had 30 broken bones in his body and was hospitalized for more than two weeks. At one time, he wondered if his family should just cut him off and end his life rather than fight for his survival. His injuries were that bad.

He has been very open about his recovery and what he had to do just to be able to walk again. Now, he’s showing off to the world that the hero has survived, and not only that, but he’s doing it in style.

Stars like Renner never lose their fans. This reference goes all the way back to the 2012 film The Bourne Legacy after Matt Damon made a name for Jason Bourne in The Bourne Identity in 2002.

Seeing him with his daughter brings to mind what he almost gave up trying to save the life of another one of his family. If that doesn’t bring a slight tear to one’s eye, they are not human.

This is one celebrity who treats fans like they’re friends of his.

As stated before, Jeremy Renner plays a superhero on TV because he is one in real life.

Jeremy Renner was the winner when he was running around with his friends in Tag and he’ll continue being a winner for the rest of his life. Where his life takes him, it’s up to him but fans are waiting patiently to see his next move.

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