Watch: Tough guy Jon Bernthal shows off his adorable dog Bam Bam in GQ video


Actor Jon Bernthal told GQ today he has been choosing projects he feels he is wrong for and, as part of the publication’s series asking people what they cannot live without, he took time to show off his animal-loving side.

In the seven-and-a-half-minute video the publication posted to YouTube, the guy you’ve seen as Frank Castle/Punisher brought in his dog Bam Bam towards the end of the footage. Bam Bam is a pitbull, and Bernthal – who has worked for the Animal Farm Foundation to fight breed discrimination – said the dog was special, and they have seen lots of life as a duo.

“We’ve been through it all together. Bam Bam the dog is many things in this world, and one of them is definitely essential. On the set of The Punisher … there was a day that Bam Bam got taken out of my trailer and got lost. No one could find him, he went over five miles, everybody had given up but only my head of security kept looking. She’s been with me ever since.”

In the video, he also revealed he keeps the fur of an earlier pet named Boss on his person. Bernthal described Boss as his number one and shared he usually has the container with his hair hanging from his mirror when he drives.

“A wonderful dog, a kind dog and a dependable dog.”

Certainly, a softness there. Bernthal will be seen next in We Own This City for HBO and Sharp Stick in August.

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