Kevin Sorbo pitches the worst Speaker of the House option yet

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via Arrowstorm Entertainment

Former ’90s D-list star Kevin Sorbo has found a new late-career way to annoy everyone: by giving terrible takes on current news events. A few days ago when Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin collapsed on the field and almost died, Sorbo instantly blamed the vaccine. Now he’s giving his take on the House fiasco.

In case you’ve been ignoring the news, which who can blame you, here’s a quick refresh: The House of Representatives basically can’t begin to function this term without choosing a Speaker of the House. Republican leader Kevin McCarthy has been vying for the position for three days and nine (as of this writing) failed votes.

There’s a contingent of Republicans in the House who refuse to give him the numbers needed to win the position. Nothing can happen in the house without a Speaker. It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so consequential. It still is, honestly.

How does Sorbo fit into all this? Well the Hercules actor turned attention whore decided what the world really needed was his take on the whole thing.

Isn’t he funny? I hate to say this, but things are so dysfunctional in Washington right now that Sorbo doesn’t seem like the worst choice. Actually no, let’s put a turtle in there. A turtle would be more effective than a Sorbo.

In comparison to some of his other takes, this one actually isn’t so bad. One time he demonstrated how little he knew about criminal justice, mistaking the police raid on Andrew Tate for “swatting” because Tate was dumb enough to flex on a 20-year-old with a pizza box.

Remember when he misread a script direction as a line of dialogue? It never gets old!