Kim Kardashian wore her elaborate ‘X-Men’ costume to a normal dinner party

Kim Kardashian
Photo by Paul Morigi/Getty Images

Kim Kardashian recently left many jaws on the floor with her iconic Halloween getup as Marvel’s Mystique. Whether it was the incredibly detailed bodysuit, the face paint, the yellow contact lenses, or the slicked-back hair dyed red, Kim nailed impersonating the X-Men mutant. But while her costume is the absolute winner in a Halloween party, it simply doesn’t fit well in a birthday dinner party bubbling with a crowd that was flaunting its best when it came to fashion. 

But Kim being Kim, ended up at The High Note star, Tracee Ellis Ross’ 50th birthday bash as the superpowered shape-shifter. Was this deliberate or did the reality TV star mistake the party for a Halloween celebration? Well, whatever the reason was, Kim definitely rocked the obviously eccentric look amidst a sea of shimmering gowns and even admitted her goofy faux pas via her Instagram story.  

“That time I showed up to a birthday dinner in full costume when it wasn’t a costume party!” 

Kim Kardashian and Tracee Ellis Ross
Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Kim’s commitment and confidence in channeling Mystique, undoubtedly, shows, and her fans have already given her their glowing approval, heaping praise the second she shared her iconic Halloween look. 

As for her why she choose the mutant in the first place, it is common knowledge that Kim is interested in joining the MCU. In an interview a few weeks ago, the influencer talked about continuing her career as an actress and mused that if a Marvel movie was offered to her, it “would be so fun to do.” 

While names like Elektra, Selene Gallio, Jean Gray, Viper, Typhoid Mary, etc were pitched as possible characters that Kim could play, it is evident that Mystique is already her choice when it comes to making a possible MCU debut, after all, she even wore the costume to a dinner party of all places!