Latest Fantasy News: Henry Cavill’s ‘Warhammer’ news has Geralt back on fans’ minds as ‘The Way of Water’ fights for air at the box office

Why do the Metkayina Speak English in 'Avatar: The Way of Water'
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Henry Cavill’s Geralt of Rivia is officially in the rear-view mirror, but fans will hold the character close to their hearts for years to come. Many fans of the Netflix adaptation consider the show to be over following the third — and Cavill’s last — season, which has them feeling nostalgic for past seasons of the series. A look back at the most powerful monsters Geralt has faced off against in the Netflix series showcases just how wonderful Cavill was in the role, and prompts questions about Liam Hemsworth’s ability to fill such massive shoes.

There are plenty of alternative fantasy options to enjoy, for fans set to turn their backs on the Witcher franchise. Dozens of stellar medieval anime series are just waiting to be enjoyed on a range of streamers, so long as fans don’t mind their animated format.

Not that there’s a massive lack of live-action fantasy out there. Big-budget projects like Avatar: The Way of Water manage to keep their heads above water, despite persistent challenges, and there are plenty of other properties that could — and should — receive the same treatment. Hopefully they’ll avoid the second Avatar flick’s reliance on high box office returns, but any fantasy project is bound to be expensive.

The Way of Water inches closer to breaking even

avatar the way of water
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News that James Cameron’s Avatar: The Way of Water needed to make $2 billion at the box office to recoup its spending shocked audiences, as they considered the high bar the film will be forced to match. Early figures are showcasing a promising start to the film’s run, thankfully, with its first day pulling in a comfortable $17 million. That’s still a ways away from the $2 billion benchmark, but The Way of Water is already on the path to resounding box office success. 

The anime world has a wealth of medieval content to enjoy

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Netflix’s tendency to ditch its fantasy programming at the first hint of strife has fans of the genre seeking out more assured properties. These are absolutely littering the wealth of anime content on the market, with dozens of stellar medieval-themed shows — from Berserk and Avatar: The Last Airbender to Princess Mononoke and The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf — drenching streaming services.

Cavill is out, but Geralt of Rivia is still a force to be reckoned with

Geralt of Rivia (Henry Cavill) in a black shirt and white hair
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The loss of Henry Cavill as Netflix’s Geralt of Rivia is still weighing heavy on The Witcher fandom, but we still have the books, games, and first three seasons to lean on. Over his tenure in the role, Cavill has tested his mettle against a truly staggering array of monsters, and he’s come out on top every time.