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Margot Robbie doesn’t even need you to see ‘Barbie’ to prove she was born for the role

She truly understood the assignment.

Margot Robbie Barbie outfits
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Warner Bros. has been going all out with the promo for Barbie and, thankfully, star Margot Robbie has been matching the studio’s energy with every press outing. Greta Gerwig’s film is bound to make a splash when it hits theaters this July, but everything surrounding it, from trailers to posters, to the soundtrack, to Robbie’s wardrobe has already been tickling us all pink.

It’s hard to really capture the zeitgeist in this day and age when the influx of so-called “content” is never-ending and people can only focus on one thing for five minutes before moving on to the next. Still, the Barbie movie, albeit certainly costly, has been one of the most fun events in recent memory, and it hasn’t even premiered.

We were all hoping Margot Robbie would go all out with her Barbie fashion while promoting the film, given how playful and hyperfeminine the doll’s visuals have always been. The actress and producer has not let us down and has been producing a string of iconic looks while out spreading the Barbie gospel.

The color pink has obviously been dominating the attire, but Robbie has not been afraid to experiment with other options, from bright yellow to chic patterns. Some looks are direct references to clothes Barbie has worn herself, like the Hervé Léger striped dress which references the first-ever version of the doll, and the Valentino polka dot bright pink number which she popularized.

Anyone who played with or watched Barbie films growing up must definitely be enjoying every moment of this press tour, and wishing they could visit the Barbie Airbnb for a weekend. I know I would. Barbie arrives in theaters July 21.

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