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Roger Waters getting accused of spreading antisemitism is, to me, proof that ‘research before you speak’ needs to be made mandatory

These twits are really showing off their ability to be clueless on a subject they are so "passionate" about.

MUNICH, GERMANY - MAY 21: Roger Waters, co-founder of the English rock band Pink Floyd, performs live on stage at Olympiastadion on May 21, 2023 in Munich, Germany.
Photo by Mark Wieland/Redferns

Standing on stage in Berlin, Roger Waters brought his fans the hits they have loved for years and told the story of The Wall just the way the film was made in 1982. However, there are trolls who don’t know anything about the 1979 studio album or the film that was subsequently released and seem to think the great musician is antisemitic, spreading hatred and lies about the Holocaust.

For those standing in the back, The Wall is somewhat biographical. It follows a musician who is dealing with the trauma brought on by his father’s death in World War II and the torture he endured at the hands of abusive teachers growing up. As he builds a “wall” around himself brick by brick, he is forced to perform by his manager and all the other roadies surrounding him at all times. In a hallucinatory state brought on by drugs injected into him by a paramedic, he goes on stage and thinks he is a dictator ruling over the audience. This is where the confusion comes in for those who have no idea what the story is about.

Roger Waters actually lost his father in World War II, and his teachers were abusive. His stance is strongly against fascism, and the uniform mocks the dictator. How could anyone get that wrong? The answer is: It’s easy when the trolls of Twitter have no idea what the album or the film is about.

This tweet comes with a warning because of how wrong this twit got it.

Shoddy reporting at its best!

If only one of these guys would just try to get it right.

One fact-deprived individual went so far as to write a letter to have Roger Waters canceled.

It’s really sad how so many people can have it so wrong and be so confident in being that wrong.

However, true fans have their hands full trying to keep the record straight.

Will showing the clueless ones what it’s really about help?

Using a few choice words might simply be more satisfying.

Roger Waters? Under investigation? Says who?

Sometimes, sitting someone down and trying to explain is worth a try, but there are no promises it’s going to change anyone’s mind.

It is very scary that a tweet can get so many twits into the conversation without any of them knowing what they’re talking about.

It’s not good enough that there is a warning attached to this one.

The conversation keeps going, even though fan after fan is doing their best to prove what it’s all about. It’s so surprising how acting out the villainous character in a film can have an artist categorized as that same character.

Combatting misinformation such as what The Wall is about and the story Roger Waters is trying to tell can get very exhausting. It gets even worse when it becomes like the three-headed hydra that grows three heads back every time someone cuts off one.

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