The Oscars are tweeting about the best mustache in film, hopefully teasing new category for 2023

miles teller top gun maverick
Image via Paramount Pictures

Well, this is something that many of us would be here for: an Academy Award for best mustache! When you think about how a mustache can help create a character it isn’t surprising – facial hair has range. The official Twitter account for The Academy posted a tweet with what they believe to be their best offerings for the category, though one crucial fan favorite has been snubbed…

Mustaches also have their place, some lip fuzz adds a hint of ruggedness, a thin line the hint of evil intentions, and a shaped solitary mustache with an otherwise clean-shaven face looks efficient and elegant — the options are endless.

Here are the movie mustaches that The Academy would choose to celebrate should the category ever become real, some of which are truly iconic and some of which are… questionable.

There are some classic looks up there, and though many of the mentions come from films from this year such as The Gray Man, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, and Top Gun: Maverick, there are others dated a little earlier with Okja, Sucker Punch, and There will be Blood also included.

Though fans think this is an amazing idea and that it should absolutely become a real thing, they are mad that a certain individual, famous for almost nothing besides his mustache, has not even been included in the running.

I mean, they have a point. Have you seen the glorious thing?

That being said, Sam Elliot actually has been nominated for an actual Academy Award. He was up for Best Supporting Actor in 2019 for his performance in A Star is Born, but lost out to two-time winner Mahershala Ali for his performance in Green Book.

One tweet suggests that Sam Elliot’s mustache is in a category all on its own.

Some did opt to choose from the above options though, with Henry Cavill’s mustache feeling a lot of love.

It does help that it was attached to Cavill’s perfectly chiseled face.

Many said they were partially hypnotized by Miles Teller’s facial hair in Top Gun: Maverick.

Of course, other suggestions were thrown into the mix.

This character’s mustache is a huge part of his identity, after all.

All these mustaches are very deserving of an award, and though there may not be one for them specifically we can be happy that there is an award for Best Makeup and Hair Styling which these wonderful specimens fall under.