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The pics of Joseph Quinn at the Philadelphia Fan Expo are the best way to start your week

Joseph Quinn has definitely won a permanent place in his fans' hearts.

Joseph Quinn Philadelphia Fan Expo
Screengrab via Twitter

With Stranger Things season 5 promised but no indication of when it will actually get here, Joseph Quinn is enjoying an extreme surge of mega star power these days. His appearance at the Philadelphia Fan Expo filled the room and is blowing up on Twitter as fans can’t get enough.

When Eddie Munson first appeared on Stranger Things, this bright, quirky, nerdy, and weird kid stole fans’ hearts immediately because they could see themselves in him. It was a sad day when the guitar-playing Dungeons & Dragons master bit the bullet in the most heroic way at the end of the season. It was so powerful, Munson’s appearance on the show became an anniversary where fans from all walks of life paid tribute and told their stories of how much he meant to them.

With 15 other acting credits under his belt, he has been acting for over a decade but clearly, Stranger Things was his breakout role that put his name in every Netflix household around the world. With roles in Hoard, Gladiator 2, and A Quiet Place: Day One on his schedule of upcoming productions he’s involved in, it doesn’t appear that Stranger Things season 5 is going to work out for him even though stranger things have happened after a character has been killed off a show.

That doesn’t keep him from being a good draw for the fans at any expo or comic-con where Stranger Things fans might be.

It doesn’t matter what he’s doing or how he looks, he can never have a bad moment for observing fanatics who are watching his every move.

As Netflix announced in April 2023, there will be a prequel novel for the Eddie Munson character and it will come out this fall, a novel that starts, “Two years before the events of Stranger Things Season 4, Eddie Munson β€” Hellfire Club leader, metalhead and Hawkins outcast β€” has one shot to make it big.”

This might be the start of a spinoff but what is priceless is that Quinn has no idea about it.

When asked what his theme song would be, he answered “Heroes” by David Bowie. Did they put him up to that or did he choose that completely by himself?

The “crime-fighting duo” Grace Van Dien and Joseph Quinn joke about possible spinoffs but it’s his expressions that have everyone in tears.

Rumor has it that there were issues with him getting to the expo and he missed part of it. However, fans were very forgiving of all that and just happy to get what time they could get because after all, things happen and it’s Joseph Quinn they were waiting for. They had patience all day.

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