Watch popular YouTubers The Boys geek out over Hasbulla for 15 minutes straight


The Boys, those popular YouTubers based in Australia and the United States, recently had the utmost pleasure of meeting the one and only Internet sensation, Hasbulla. The channel, consisting of five members, Mully, Josh, Grand (or, Narrator), Eddie, and Juicy, just could not help themselves once they realized Hasbulla, a 20-year-old social media influencer from Russia who is known for his viral TikTok videos during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The social media star got his kickstart on TikTok, sharing his health condition Growth Hormone Deficiency (GHD), otherwise known as dwarfism. Hasbulla’s name started virilizing once the young adult wanted to fight Abdu Rozik, a Tajik singer who is known to be the world’s smallest singer. However, said brawl never saw the light of day as the Sports Association of Little People of Russia, deemed the spur as “unethical.” At this moment, Hasbulla has over three million followers on Instagram, becoming one of the biggest internet social media personalities to have come out of the pandemic with his feral wrestling prankster antics.

Since then, Hasbulla’s popularity has only been increasing through TikTok videos, memes, collaborations, and internet exposure. Naturally, Hasbulla’s presence has caught the eye of many influencers and YouTubers who are absolutely mesmerized by the Russian’s perseverance, good-humored nature, and willingness to try just about anything. The Boys are just one of the few examples of channels geeking out about Hasbulla, and they actually managed to meet up with the influencer and have quite the fanboying moments.

In the 15-minute video entitled “The Boys Interview Hasbulla,” very few questions were actually answered. Mully, Josh, and Narrator went completely ballistic over meeting Hasbulla. Once they finally faced the influencer, the chaos started. The boys immediately introduced Hasbulla to the Australian delicacy that is Marmite, with Josh eating a spoonful of the savory spread. From then on, the video became more chaotic by the moment, with Hasbulla joining in on the mayhem.

From worm slapping to a panic-stricken Josh over Hasbilla’s “aggressive meerkat” attitude, and even arm (and feet?) wrestling, The Boys matched the influencer’s energy the same way Hasbulla matched theirs. Spreading marmite on an iPhone and fork fighting didn’t seem like it was in the plans of the video. Still, much for our entertainment, everyone just created havoc, as Hasbulla made it his mission to completely terrorize the members of The Boys, much to their absolute delight. 

Considering the popularity of the video, which has over two million views so far, we can only hope to see another collaboration between these social media stars. Perhaps this time, The Boys will know better than to keep cutlery near Hasbulla’s feral instinct.