‘Wednesday’ star Percy Hynes White’s sexual assault allegations may kill a comedy cop drama you’ve never heard of

Image via Netflix

It looks like Wednesday may not be the only show out there looking to replace a cast member. Amidst a slew of sexual assault allegations, Percy Hynes White’s future on the Netflix smash hit remains uncertain. Yet, sadly, another series may be in jeopardy as details surrounding the actor’s past continue to surface.

Ever heard of the Canadian police comedy-drama Pretty Hard Cases? Neither had we. After a little research, we’re here to admit, this show seems pretty darn awesome. Following two female detectives as they balance work, personal life, and their contentious professional relationship — Pretty Hard Cases is the genuine article. Check out the trailer below.

With a season one Rotten Tomatoes score of 100 percent, a stellar second season, and a third currently airing, Pretty Hard Cases clearly isn’t going anywhere anytime soon — even if Percy Hynes White might be on his way out.

Thankfully, White’s character Elliot seems to be secondary to the larger story. Sure, he’s a “main character,” but not one so important that the creators couldn’t just recast him. With everything going on, we’re sure fans wouldn’t mind.

Only time will tell how shows like Wednesday or Pretty Hard Cases handles Percy Hynes White. With no official legal charges being levied, or legitimate information out about his behavior — no one really knows how things are going to shake out. Maybe we could all take a few pointers from the two shows he’s a part of, and solve this mystery once and for all.