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Were former ‘General Hospital’ co-stars Billy Miller and Kelly Monaco in a relationship?

Was the on-screen couple also romantically involved in real life?

Billy Miller and Kelly Monaco in General Hospital
Photo via ABC

Daytime soap fans mourned the loss of award-winning actor Billy Miller this weekend following the announcement of the General Hospital star’s untimely death on Sept. 15, 2023. He was two days shy of his 44th birthday.

Miller’s passing inevitably led to a reevaluation of the performer’s life, with fans revisiting old questions about the performer’s past. Of particular interest to some: the Tulsa, Oklahoma native’s love life. Rumors and conjecture had circulated for years regarding a possible relationship with his General Hospital co-star Kelly Monaco. Was there anything to the speculation?

The short answer seems to be “probably.” While Monaco has historically denied rumors of any involvement with her co-star, and neither party publicly acknowledged a relationship in any official capacity, the notice of Miller’s tragic death in Deadline refers to Monaco as Miller’s “longtime love.” At the very least, it appears that there was some level of emotional dedication, at least in one direction. 

Any other clues as to whether or not the onscreen duo, who played Drew Cain and Sam McCall on General Hospital, are speculative and circumstantial at best. The two shared a famously and fondly remembered chemistry on the long-running soap opera, leading fans to believe that their on-screen magic translated to real life as well. Additionally, Monaco has been exceptionally quiet about her private life, not publicly dating anyone since the end of her relationship with her longtime partner, Mike Gonzalez, in 2009.

At present, no statement from Monaco or her representatives has been made regarding the death of Miller, and rumors of a more substantial relationship remain just that: Rumors.

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