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Who did Billy Miller play in ‘The Young and The Restless?’

The star's untimely death is prompting fans to take interest in the longstanding soap.

Billy Miller
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It takes some serious staying power to remain on the air for 50 years, but — somehow — The Young and the Restless is still going strong, five decades in.

The popular soap first hit screens in the early ’70s, providing viewers with ceaseless drama to keep their eyes glued to the screen, and it continues to put out episodes to this day. There isn’t a single member of the show’s primary cast that fans don’t recognize on sight, which made the loss of Billy Miller — a longtime Young and the Restless staple — all the more painful. The star’s death at the young age of 43 is still weighing heavy on fans, as they return to his run on the lengthy soap and process news of his demise.

Billy Miller’s The Young and the Restless character

Billy Miller as Billy Abbott - The Young and the Restless
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Miller joined the cast of The Young and the Restless back in 2008, and remained a vital character on the soap until 2014. He played Billy Abbott, a notorious bad boy, during his tenure on the series, and remains an easy fan pick for best portrayal. A number of alternate stars have taken on Billy Abbott over the years, with a full three actors preceding Miller, but few were as popular in the role. He won multiple Daytime Emmy Awards for his portrayal, and audiences still remember him as one of the best Billy Abbotts of all time.

Following his departure from The Young and the Restless, Burgess Jenkins stepped into the role — only to be promptly replaced by the character’s current actor, Jason Thompson. Thompson has played the role of Billy Abbott since 2016, and his delivery — much like Miller’s — has garnered frequent awards shout-outs.

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