Who does Justin Roiland voice in ‘Rick and Morty?’

Rick and Morty
Image via AdultSwim

Its been right about a decade since the world was first introduced to Rick and Morty, but the animated show is as popular as ever.

The offbeat comedy follows the thoroughly bizarre adventures of cynical drunkard Rick Sanchez and his hapless, but well-meaning, grandson Morty. Six seasons in, the series boasts some of the highest viewership numbers of any adult animated show, and continues to rake in awards. It’s already won several Primetime Emmy awards, and it remains a critical darling, due to its creativity and originality.

After just under 10 years on the air, pretty much everyone has at least heard of Rick and Morty, and the majority of adult households have seen at least a few episodes. With a long-term deal already set in stone, and plenty more Rick and Morty seemingly in our future, fans of the program used to celebrate Justin Roiland. The show’s co-creator also lends his vocal talent to the series, and fans largely have him to thank for the show’s continued prominence, but recent allegations are coloring formerly shining opinions of the star.

A former partner of Roiland’s is accusing him of domestic violence, and fans aren’t sure what to think. Roiland denies the claims, and called recent media coverage of the charges “inaccurate,” but until more information is known, the future of Rick and Morty is in doubt. Roiland is a vital aspect of both the development and voice talent of the show, and a major controversy could kill future seasons.

Justin Roiland’s roles in Rick and Morty

Justin Roiland puts his all into Rick and Morty. His voice is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Roiland’s many contributions to the Adult Swim show. He also serves as a writer on the series and directs many of its episodes. These tasks — paired with Roiland’s status as co-creator and executive producer — already put a huge amount on his plate. And that’s not even considering his voice work.

Roiland voices both of the main characters in Rick and Morty. He plays the anxious Morty as well as his cynical grandfather, and delivers two thoroughly different performances in the process. Rick and Morty — as the protagonists of the series — are easily the most featured characters in Rick and Morty, so it’s safe to say Roiland likely doesn’t get much time off.

On top of playing both Rick and Morty, Roiland also lends his voice to various additional characters. That means that viewers are likely hearing at least three different versions of Roiland in any given Rick and Morty episode, as he fills in the gaps with his vocal talent.

Rick and Morty is clearly Roiland’s baby, and he’s put his all into the series. Considering the broad popularity the show has achieved, his effort is paying off well, but the domestic violence charges Roiland faces toss all of that into doubt. If Roiland is found guilty, Rick and Morty could be over. It’s hard to imagine the series continuing without him, given his vital role both behind the scenes and on screen, and it’s leading some people to predict the worst.