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Who is Kai Cenat? His height, age, net worth, and where he’s from

Your go-to guide for the Twitch steamer who shut down Union Square.

Screengrab via YouTube/Kai Cenat Live

Streamer and YouTuber Kai Cenat made history when he became the Twitch streamer with the most subscribers of all time in February 2023. The young social media star is known for his comedic YouTube videos and for streaming himself playing games like Valorant and Minecraft for his over 300,000 active Twitch subscribers.

Nearing the end of summer 2023, Cenat made headlines when a Playstation 5 gift card giveaway he hosted ended up shutting down NYC’s Union Square, leading to Cenat himself being detained by police. Naturally, people want to know who caused all this chaos and how Cenat obtained such a huge social media following.

Here’s everything we know about the streamer.

Where is Kai Cenat from? Kai Cenat’s biography

Kai Cenat, or Kai Carlo Cenat III, was born and raised in New York City — specifically the Bronx — along with his three siblings, including his twin sister Kaia. He was born on Dec. 16, 2001, and is currently 21 years old.

After graduating from high school in 2019, Cenat attended the Statue University of New York at Morrisville before dropping out in 2020 when he found he was too busy with content creation to pursue his college education.

The start of Kai Cenat’s ascent into social media fame

Cenat first began uploading pranks and challenge videos to YouTube in January 2018 and was then discovered by the YouTuber Fanum, a fellow Bronx native, and asked to join Fanum’s group Any Means Possible (AMP). The two of them still produce content at least on YouTube, through Fanum’s channel.

They also released a freestyle rap single in 2022 and sparked a viral meme that has social media more familiar with a “Fanum Tax,” something that happens when someone appears out of nowhere to steal your food. The tax has been so popular that his TikTok videos that feature the thefts have amassed over 300 million views so far.

In 2021, Cenat began streaming on Twitch and made it his main platform. The majority of his Twitch content was gaming and reaction videos. He continued to diversify by releasing his first solo single “Bustdown Rollie Avalanche” in May 2022. Later that year, he reached unprecedented levels of popularity when he began featuring celebrities like Lil Baby in his streams.

He became the streamer with the most active subscribers of all time in February 2023 after completing a month-long “sub-a-thon.” Shortly after, he won “Streamer of the Year” at the Streamer Awards for the second year in a row.

How tall is Kai Cenat?

Cenat’s height remains a hotly debated subject, despite him literally measuring himself on stream. In the clip, Cenat measures himself and initially says that he is six-foot-three (6’3″) before claiming he is five-foot-nine (5’9″).

Well actually, many of his fans — as well as the tape measure itself, seemingly — say Cenat is 63 inches which is five foot three (5’3″) or roughly 160 cm. It’s not clear if his followers really care what his height is since his internet popularity doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

How much is Kai Cenat’s net worth?

It’s difficult to accurately pinpoint a person’s net worth unless they admit it publicly, but a few sources (including Celebrity Net Worth) estimate Cenat’s net worth to be about $9 million.

According to the New Pittsburgh Courier, Cenat makes over $23,000 a month from his sleep streams alone so we can see how the money could pile up quickly. Yes, you read that right — he’s just sleeping.

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