Captain America: Steve Rogers #8 And Other Key Marvel Titles To Get Second Print


With the events depicted in recent issues of Captain America: Steve Rogers becoming such a hot button issue, it comes as no surprise that fans turn out in droves whenever the latest installment arrives in comic shops. As such, reprints are on the way.

Seeing as how Marvel reclaimed its place atop the Diamond Comic Distributors sales charts, many would say its newfound success is largely due to new and relaunched series, not just hot storylines. Taking that into account, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the following books are due for a second printing: Captain America: Steve Rogers #8, Hulk #1, Infamous Iron Man #3, Thanos #2, Unworthy Thor #3 and Venom #2.

Aside from Steve Rogers’ continuing hailing of Hydra, the appeal of those other titles is understandable. Whether it be Jennifer Walters stepping up to claim the mantle of the Hulk or Victor Von Doom donning the Iron Man armor (yes, it’s actually happening), now is indeed an exciting time to be a True Believer.

According to Bleeding Cool, we shouldn’t expect the cover art set to adorn these reprints to get any drastic overhauls. Instead, their respective logos will likely see some sort of a color change. That’s a good or bad thing, depending on whom you ask. Those who missed out the first time around will likely be ecstatic, but those who collect multiple printings based on the prospect of varying covers may opt to pass.

Should the creative teams on each series continue hitting home runs, it’s within the realm of possibility that Captain America: Steve Rogers and others will keep going back to press.