Could Namor return in the X-Men or Fantastic Four films? MCU fanatics are hoping so

namor black panther wakanda forever
Image via Marvel Studios

Now Namor has made his debut in the MCU, fans want more of the underwater king… a lot more. Tenoch Huerta’s portrayal of the anti-hero has received overwhelming praise and going forward many are wondering what other storylines he can be involved in, with at least two strong options coming to mind.

Within the MCU Namor not only gained his powers from the vibranium-enriched plant, similar to that of the Black Panther, but it was revealed that he is also a mutant. This could end up tying him in with an X-Men project, though that is still some ways off as the X-Men are not set to make a true appearance in the MCU until after Phase Five at least.

We have already seen the on-screen arrival of one particular X-Men mutant, Professor X, in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and we know that Wolverine and Deadpool are joining in Deadpool 3, but these appearances serve as a stand-alone for the characters, not a proper tie-in to the X-Men Universe. So though we now have two individual mutants in the form of Namor and Ms. Marvel, we can’t expect to see them interact with the whole X-Men posse anytime in the near future.

Another way it could go is by having Namor appear in a Fantastic Four film. Namor and Susan Storm have somewhat of an interesting relationship in the comics, with the underwater king falling for the Invisible Woman hard. The feeling isn’t entirely one-sided either. Namor often squares off against the Fantastic Four, specifically Reed Richards (we wonder why?) and this is something that could be played with in the future of the MCU.

One fan put forward the question, “would you want Namor to return in an X-Men or Fantastic Four movie?” to see what fellow fans are thinking on the topic.

Some fans couldn’t care less about the content, as long as we see more Tenoch Huerta.

There are benefits to seeing him in either franchise.

This fan can see him siding with Magneto given his proclivity towards destroying all that oppose him.

Though, based on his appearances in the comics, Fantastic Four is a good fit as well.

Everyone wants to see him try to muscle his way in between Reed Richards and Susan Storm.

But they honestly don’t care. Just more please, Marvel.

It will be interesting to see when and how he shows up again. With his tentative (and questionable) alliance with Wakanda in place, we wonder how the two mighty nations will move forward together, but also what solo adventures these characters will also have.