DC Announces New Mister Miracle Series

Let’s be honest in saying that it’s not often you see someone like Mister Miracle being afforded his own headlining gig. But, when you consider that Forager is now the star of his own title thanks to DC’s Young Animal imprint, then it does make a bit of sense that one of Jack Kirby’s most beloved New Gods get a little time in the spotlight.

Well, let’s amend that to “ample time in the spotlight,” because Scott Free will be sticking around for a twelve-issue run brought to us by the very creative team responsible for The Sheriff of Babylon: writer Tom King and artist Mitch Gerads. Promising they’ll “take readers on an episodic roller coaster of death, resurrection, mystery and intrigue,” this sounds like something frequent visitors to New Genesis won’t want to miss.

Not one to mince words, here’s what King had to say about his new endeavor:

“MISTER MIRACLE is the most ambitious project I’ve ever worked on. Mitch and I asked ourselves if we could do something as good as SANDMAN, PREACHER or NEW FRONTIER, which are transcendent, contained stories that comment upon the times in which they were made. We knew we’d be stupid to think we could, but we’d be more stupid not to try.”

Looking back, it quickly becomes apparent that this was the mysterious project the scribe spoke of months ago, and it shines light on as to why season 2 of The Sheriff of Babylon is so far down the road. But, if the preview gallery at the top isn’t enough for you, we recommend that you check out Batman #23 when it hits stands next week if you want an idea of what this creative team is capable of.

Mister Miracle #1 arrives in comic shops on August 9.