Exclusive Preview: Kid Flash Returns In Teen Titans #14


As you may know, there are three things that are certain in life: Death, taxes and the fact that Damian Wayne is a total jerk. But hey, would you expect anything less from a brat who shares the genes of Batman and the daughter of Ra’s al Ghul? Truth be told, it’s one of the things I love about him, in addition to why he’s my favorite Robin.

Anyway, his sweet disposition has often rubbed his Teen Titans cohorts the wrong way ever since the current iteration of the team formed near the start of the Rebirth era. Granted, most of us would’ve found a more diplomatic way to get everyone under one roof, but Damian really does mean well – in his own special way.

Not surprisingly, his actions were the cause for one person to bolt, that being Kid Flash. Since being estranged from DC’s premier adolescent superhero team, the young Wally West has actually been running around with a somewhat reformed Deathstroke, who put together a squad of his own.

Now, it’s time to put petty differences aside in the face of great calamity. Honestly, it’s kind of hard to imagine this team without having a speedster, so we’re hoping that Damian and Wally are able to bury the hatchet. But regardless of whatever may happen, we’re guessing that series scribe Benjamin Percy has one heck of a ride in store.

For more, be sure to check out the official synopsis:

“The RETURN OF KID FLASH”! Kid Flash agrees to come back to the team on one condition: a face-to-face apology from Robin! Can Damian swallow his pride and admit that firing Wally was a mistake? Or will his bruised ego spell the end of the Teen Titans once and for all?

Teen Titans #14 arrives in comic shops next Wednesday, November 22.


Writer: Benjamin Percy
Artist: Khoi Pham
Cover: Dan Mora
Variant Cover: Chad Hardin