Here’s What Happens When An Evil Batman Gains Green Lantern’s Power

While the mainline series that is Dark Nights: Metal is allowing for Scott Snyder to display his vast knowledge of this DC Universe, we can’t help but love how the various tie-ins that’ll hit stands this fall have an Elseworlds kind of flavor to them. Well, there’s that and the fact that each of them spotlight various evil versions of Batman.

To date, we’ve been offered closer looks at a sinister-looking Flash-Batman amalgam, The Red Death, and a twisted Batman-Joker hybrid known as The Batman Who Laughs, the latter of which may ultimately prove to get the most attention. Regardless, the next fellow to emanate from the Dark Multiverse that we’ll aim to discuss is bound to turn a few heads himself.

Dubbed “The Dawnbreaker,” a moniker that’d also be a good name for either a Judas Priest song or a wrestling move, this warped reflection of the Dark Knight comes complete with a Green Lantern ring. Now, you’re probably wondering how that came about, but from what we can gather, the gallery provided below paints quite the vivid picture.

Yes, the preview may be unlettered as of now, but like any truly great visual storyteller, Ethan Van Sciver is more than capable of moving along a narrative with his drawings alone. From these, it’s quite apparent that a power ring found Bruce Wayne upon the murder of his parents. And in his moment of vulnerability, he used it to mow down Joe Chill, obviously setting him down a darker path.

But to learn his complete origin, it’s recommended that you pick up Batman: The Dawnbreaker #1, written by Sam Humphries with interior art provided by the aforementioned Van Sciver, on October 4. And for more on Dark Nights: Metal itself, be sure to check out our five-star review of the first issue.