The Internet’s Freaking Out Over Marvel Making Wolverine Gay


Wolverine is gay. Sorry homophobes and bigots, but the adamantium-boned mutant with the killer claws has officially come out of the closet and, for my part, I can’t help but applaud his bravery.

While I don’t see any reason why this should change his personality or future adventures in any way, as a committed Wolverine fan, it’s at least a relief that his previous predilections for traumatized teenage girls have turned out to be totally innocent. And, in a heartwarming twist, it’s looking like Wolvie and Cyclops might be finally confessing their feelings for each other. Adorable!

If you’re in doubt about Wolverine being gay, then check out X-Men #7, which confirms that he’s not only gay now, but has been gay throughout his long superhero career. To summarize the background for this, the current X-Men comics arc sees Marvel’s mutants declaring the island of Krakoa a sovereign nation-state. On this island, fans noticed that the X-Men’s home shows that Wolverine, Cyclops and Jean Grey’s rooms apparently have connecting doors, and anyone that’s stayed in a hotel will know for sure that this definitely means they’re all getting it on while nobody’s looking.

But the cherry on top of this delectable cake is a conversation between Cyclops and Wolverine where the pair discuss their Krakoan bliss. Scott mentions that it’s nice to see Jean Grey hanging out in a bikini, then mentions that he himself likes hanging out in a speedo. To this, Wolverine replies: “Heh. Well, who could say no to that?” This, obviously, is an admission from Wolvie that he’s gay, and always has been.

Of course, fans have already taken to Twitter to react and here’s just a sample of what folks are saying:

Here’s hoping Wolverine/Cyclops become as established as Lois/Clark. And honestly, if one of the biggest characters in superhero comics can come out as gay, then why not some of the other biggies? Batman? Superman? Heck, maybe even some of the more uptight readers might come to terms with some feelings they’ve been struggling to suppress all these years?

Let’s hope that when the MCU introduces their Wolverine, they stay true to his comics portrayal and make him unambiguously gay, as anything less would be a betrayal to the real fans. But whatever the future holds, we can at least be sure that a rainbow flag now permanently flies above the X-Men franchise.