The Rebellion Begins In Secret Empire: Uprising #1 First Look

Now that Secret Empire is finally underway, it’s consistently succeeded in sparking controversy and inciting much debate among the comic book community with each bold creative decision taken. But, then again, such a thing is to be expected when it’s revealed that Captain America is the head of Hydra and is trying to take over the world. In fact, this past weekend was marked by seeing displeased fans burning the Secret Empire Free Comic Book Day title that saw Rogers be deemed worthy of wielding Mjolnir. The unfortunate thing, however, is that had anyone actually taken the time to read this series, they’d realize how incredible it’s been so far.

As it so happens, rebellions against Hydra aren’t exclusive to the real world, as Black Widow will be rounding up a cadre of young heroes with the intention of taking the fight to the new world order in a matter of weeks in the pages of Secret Empire: Uprising #1And, in case you were wondering, said heroes include the younger Spider-Man, Miles Morales; the new Falcon, Joaquin Torres; the Totally Awesome Hulk, Amadeus Cho; Riri Williams AKA Ironheart; the Unstoppable Wasp, Nadia Pym; and the Vision’s daughter, Viv.

Derek Landy, the writer of this specific tie-in, had the following to say about it:

“One of the overriding themes in SECRET EMPIRE: UPRISING is for the heroes not to make the same old mistakes all over again. The Champions, for instance, are looking for non-violent ways to stop violent opponents, and that ethos spills over into Uprising. How do a bunch of super-powered kids, brimming with optimism, factor in the Black Widow’s dark agenda when confronted with Captain America’s role in the Hydra takeover of America? What are they willing to do? How far are they willing to go?”

Secret Empire: Uprising #1, which bridges the events of the third and fourth issues of the mainline series, arrives in comic shops on May 31. In the meantime, be sure to check out the gallery at the top, as it includes some of the first interiors illustrated by Joshua Cassara to be made public.