Spider-Man’s spookiest run gets animated trailer and matching theme song

Marvel Entertainment released the trailer for their newest Spider-Man comic, Deadly Neighborhood Spider-Man. The comic’s trailer is as trippy as it gets as the lines between dream and reality are merged, alongside an amazing and dark theme song for the comic book’s announcement.

The trailer was released on YouTube, which featured the song ‘Welcome to the Neighborhood’ by Taboo. The trailer depicts Spider-Man through a different lens as the art and the song described the web-slinging hero as a monster. The trailer also featured new illustrations that may be seen in the comic such as the various enemies, Peter Parker without the mask, and a scary-looking superhero.

Deadly Neighborhood Spider-Man is a new Spider-Man comic book series written by Taboo and B. Earl and illustrated by comic book artist, Juan Ferreyra. Previews for the comic book series were released back in September 2022, illustrating Parker navigating through his dreams and nightmares. According to the comic’s premise, the comic will be a dark take on the Spider-Man story as Parker struggles to tell which is real and which isn’t.

Deadly Neighborhood Spider-Man, Peter will find himself at the intersection of dreams and reality, as well as science and magic. As he struggles to find the distinction between what is real and what isn’t, this revolutionary dark take on the Web-Slinger will pit him against a familiar demon – one known to X-Men fans, in particular.”

Issue one of Deadly Neighborhood Spider-Man will be available for purchase physically and digitally in the Marvel Comics app on Oct. 19, 2022.