Marvel Comics Is About To Turn Star-Lord Into Old Man Quill


The original “Old Man Logan” arc from Mark Millar and Steve McNiven is spawning yet another spinoff. With the ongoing series coming to a close with the planned Dead Man Logan maxi-series and Old Man Hawkeye currently six issues into its 12-issue run, Marvel has now announced that an unexpected further chapter of this dystopian alternate universe will soon unfold, featuring yet another elderly version of a familiar hero.

This time, it’s Star-Lord’s turn, as Old Man Quill is on the way. Old Man Hawkeye‘s Ethan Sacks will return to pen the series, though we’re not sure right now if it’ll be an ongoing run or another maxi-series. Robert Gill will be on hand to provide the artwork though, stepping in for Hawkeye‘s Marco Chechetto, and the first issue will release in February 2019.

Other than that, we don’t know much else about the comic, though we can say that it’ll feature the old Star-Lord navigating through the dark, twisted world governed by supervillains that’s been well established by now. However, Sacks has teased that the introduction of the Guardians of the Galaxy leader will also allow for an expansion into the cosmic side of things as well.

He teased the following to CBR in a recent interview:

“Basically, I’ve fallen in love with this world. Sure, it’s a horrible place to live, but it’s a beautiful place to visit. And there were some characters and we were looking around and we sort of know that Captain America’s gone and that the X-Men are gone. But we were wondering what the Guardians of the Galaxy were doing… This kind of takes that world and expands it into a universe.”

Of course, this isn’t the only new Guardians comic coming in 2019. Donny Cates is rebooting the team’s solo series and will give Star-Lord a whole new squad to command – including Cosmic Ghost Rider, Silver Surfer, Beta Ray Bill and many more. Seeing as there may not be another movie starring the gang on our screens for a long while, at least Marvel‘s keeping the Guardians alive on the page instead.