Totally Awesome Hulk #19 Already Slated For Second Printing

Well, it certainly looks like Weapons of Mutant Destruction is doing a great job of creating some advance buzz, now doesn’t it? Just days ago, we previewed some of the first issues to be included in this mammoth crossover, so we can fully understand why retailers have seemingly already bought up all copies of one of the prelude chapters, Totally Awesome Hulk #19, and why it’s already scheduled for a second printing.

As is the case with any crossover of this sort, desperate times call for desperate measures – not to mention strange bedfellows – as Amadeus Cho is forced to team up with the likes of Old Man Logan, Sabretooth, Domino, Warpath, and Lady Deathstrike to battle the new Weapon X. Written by Greg Pak with art by Robert Gill and Nolan Woodard, this opening salvo is guaranteed to deliver giant-sized action with loads of intrigue.

So, if you fail to pick up a copy of Totally Awesome Hulk #19 on June 21, don’t feel so bad, because the reprint will arrive one week later on June 28. For more information regarding plot, be sure to check out the synopsis provided below:

A mysterious new director of the Weapon X program is creating soldiers who threaten the lives of some of the most powerful and deadly heroes the Marvel Universe has ever seen. But the man behind the curtain has now set his sights on a new target: the fearless, gamma-imbued Amadeus Cho. What will become of the Hulk when he is forced to partner with some of Marvel’s deadliest killers and hunters? One thing is for sure – this is a story not to be missed!